Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Birthday Weekend

Being a Leo, those who know me understand that I don't simply celebrate a birthday, it's typically a birth week or at the very least, weekend.  Heck, sometimes the celebration has been extended to an entire month, especially if I'm out of town and unable to get together with all of my family & friends. 

This year, my birthday fell on a Monday, smack dab in the middle of a big work project of Chip's, a couple of days before Lindsey & Brynna's college classes resume, and on the day Kristyn & Jesus start their new schedule at the tattoo shop. To keep things as easy as possible for everyone, we agreed to all meet at our home in Ormond Beach, about an hour drive from Chip's work location/RV park, two hours for L & B (and Lindsey's cutie-pie boyfriend, Taylor), four hours for K & J.  The kids started spilling in late Friday evening, and by Saturday at noon we were all gathered together, talking and laughing and eating..our usual family craziness. Pure bliss for this mom.

We had a quick lunch of (veggie) deli subs and then headed to the beach, caught an hour or so of sunshine & surf before the rain moved in. 

Lovely Lindsey

Kristyn whipped us up some Sangria at home, perfect cool drink for a hot summer afternoon!

That night we went to the local roller derby (such fun!) and then to dinner afterward where I had the best Thai food ever. I do love spicy food, especially when it's vegan.

Cutest kids in the world!

Fried Tofu & Spring Rolls

Veggie Curry w/Tofu

Sunday we had fancy frozen (spiked) orange juice and Lindsey's freshly baked blueberry muffins for brunch..

Sweet Indulgences

Smart, beautiful and a great baker!
 Then spent the day in St Augustine, shopping and sight seeing..

Kristyn & Chip, enjoying a nice cold beer at Mill Top Tavern
then had an late lunch/early dinner at a British Pub. Would you be surprised to learn that there are several veg-friendly items on the menu, including a handmade veggie burger? While some members of the family were gobbling up their famous fish & chips, Lindsey & I opted for the burger. Everyone left the table full-to-the-brim and quite content. Sorry for the lack of pics, we were having too much fun to stop and pose!

Back home, Kristyn whipped up a quick doctored-up box cake, using an egg replacer and the decorations I had on hand, resulting in a delicious and adorable birthday cake. 

Too pooped to do anything else, we settled in to watch a family favorite movie (Harriet the Spy, love her!) and hit the sack early.

Monday morning Kristyn & Jesus headed home (sniffle), Lindsey, Brynna, Taylor and I visited a local art museum/garden, took in a bit of nature before heading off to lunch.

Ormond Beach Memorial Art Museum & Gardens

Seriously adorable, right?

I had a birthday coupon for Moe's, had never been there before so decided to give it a shot.
Well, my first visit to was a good one, absolutely love the rice bowl with tofu and every-single-other-vegetable you can stuff in there!

Green & Spicy Yumminess!

When the kids were all gone, I nursed my sorrows with a vegan cupcake Lindsey brought me from the Gainesville health food store, waited til Chip got home and took me out to dinner yet again! Back to the Thai restaurant we went.  We toasted my 48th birthday and made wishes for a healthy, happy coming year.

Happy Birthday to Me!

Alas, the celebratory indulgences must come to an end, or at least taper off a bit. My pants are tight and my body is crying out for more veggies and exercise! Today we headed back to the campground and immediately after unpacking, I threw together a big crockpot of vegetable soup. Tomorrow I'll post a recipe from one of my new birthday cookbooks!



  1. Love the new blog - it suits your current health-conscious, footloose-and-fancy-free, crafty-woman lifestyle! Happy Birthday yet again - dropping you a note in a minute to see if we can arrange our co-celebration while you are in town this weekend... :-)

  2. Thank you, Susan! I don't have a note from you in my box, would love to get together this weekend but am not sure what our schedule is at the moment. Tropical Storm Isaac is throwing a wrench into our plans, we are in wait-and-worry-and-see mode. I'm sure you're watching it closely as well. We will be in touch, miss you, my friend! xoxo