Thursday, September 6, 2012

Tales from the Road: Micanopy, FL

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We didn't have internet service for the past few days but I've been keeping a journal of our adventures, so here goes!


September 2, 2012 ~ Micanopy, FL

herlong mansion
Herlong Mansion, Micanopy, FL

 Today we drove from Ormond Beach to Micanopy, FL, less than a two hour trip.  Micanopy is a teeny tiny town just a few minutes outside of Gainesville where two of my daughters are attending school.  We were a bit concerned about lodging as it is not only a holiday weekend, but also a Game Weekend! Gator fans and alumni come from far & wide to cheer on their team, filling the streets with orange and blue. Lindsey told me that RVs were lined up down the road near her apartment and filling up the Wal-Mart parking lot! Since we prefer to camp in state/national parks whenever possible, we called Paynes Prairie where we’d stayed before. Fortunately they had a handful of sites available, first come first serve. Whew! 

RV back
Paynes Prairie, Gainesville, FL
We got the RV hooked up and then headed out for a late lunch at the one actual restaurant in this little town, Old Florida Café.  Part antique/gift shop, part dining establishment, this adorable café was filled to the brim with charm, and the food wasn’t bad either! 

old Florida Cafe

Chip had a Cuban sandwich, supposedly the best one you can find this side of Havana. Well, since we are from South Florida and have had our share of Cuban food, this was a challenge he couldn’t pass up! I’m happy to report that although he claims the bread in Miami is a little bit better, the actual sandwich was delicious and worth the praise. 

I had concerns about what I’d be able to eat, but had read online that black beans & rice were on the menu. Worst case scenario, I’d make do with a little cup. However, I was thrilled to find a little vegetarian section on the menu! I quickly ordered the veggie sandwich on whole wheat, basically a giant salad between two slices of bread.  Absolutely delicious and very filling! 

old Florida Cafe menu

veggie sandwich

I wish I could say that dinner was equally successful but, alas, the pizza place Lindsey & Brynna had planned for us tuned out to be closed on Sunday & Monday. A real shame because they have vegan options and excellent pies, the main reason the kids wanted to take me there. We ended up at another pizza joint which had a vegan pizza but they were sold out and apparently didn’t feel like making more.  Ugh! I made do with a veggie slice, scraping off as much cheese as possible, certainly not a noteworthy meal but every one can’t be perfect.  The kids felt so badly for me, poor honeys, so we just had to take them out for a drink afterward!

kids in gainesville  09.02.12

Off to bed.."see" you tomorrow! 


P.S. Chip and I decided to make a play list of songs representing the various places we visit in the RV. First up, Seminole Wind by John Anderson.

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