Sunday, September 2, 2012

On the Road Again

Good morning! I've been up since 3:30, too excited to sleep. You see, today we depart on our first ever real RV vacation! Since we bought our motor home last August, we've used it mainly for work-related trips and a couple of weekend jaunts, but nothing big. We are about to change that as this morning we are packing up and headed out of town!

Our 1998 Safari Trek on the day we purchased her

First stop, Gainesville to visit my little girls. Then on to Savannah, GA where we actually purchased the RV last year! We were only there for a few hours, long enough to pick up The Beast (as she is affectionately known), have lunch and head back home. We're not sure how long we're staying or exactly where we'll head next, but will most likely hug the SE Coastline. We had planned a much more extensive trip into the midwest to visit friends & family but, alas, TS Isaac had other plans for us. Hopefully we'll make it there next year.

I have a lot to packing to do but before I get moving I'll tell you about last night's dinner.  After a long day of shopping, prepping and planning, I discovered that there was nothing for me to eat in the house. Not wanting to stock this house full of food when we're just going to leave it, Chip and I decided to visit our favorite beach restaurant/bar, have a bite to eat and enjoy the remainder of the blue moon.

I wish I had a better camera & could share with you the image of that bright orange moon over the ocean, it was absolutely breathtaking! As is our habit, after eating we took a little stroll down to the water so that I could dip my toes into the sand and gaze more closely at that gorgeousness! Alas, no photo taken with my camera phone could possibly do it justice, so I'll have to settle with a food pic.

Even though there is nothing remotely vegan or especially healthy on the menu, we've been regulars at Ocean Deck long enough to know that they do indeed have black bean veggie burgers in the kitchen, and are happy to serve them upon request.  Along with my once-a-week french fry treat, it makes a tasty meal.  Of course chardonnay is the perfect pairing to everything, right?

Well, I hear the dryer buzzing and my coffee mug is empty, must be time to log off here and start packing! I will be checking in periodically from the road, Wi-Fi service permitting, looking forward to some gypsy adventures!