Monday, September 10, 2012

Still on the road, here's another journal post from our time in Savannah!


Another low-key day today, hung around the campground until late morning and was rewarded with a deer sighting! Chip caught a glimpse of a family, I saw one standing alone. I know this is not a big thing for those o f you who live in or near the country, but for we suburbanites, it’s a big deal! The only “wild” animals we have in Suburbia (other than the residents) are possums and the occasional raccoon.  We weren’t close enough to capture a picture, maybe next time. 

Thinking that Loki might be bored and need some doggy entertainment, we loaded him in the car and drove to one of the two Savannah dog parks listed by  As soon as we arrived I realized this was a mistake. The park was tiny and there were no separate areas for different sized dogs.  Loki is docile and skittish but despite his size he’s much more comfortable with medium to large dogs.  The little ones tend to yap and nip at his heels, which is exactly what happened today.  The owners and their dogs were not at all welcoming, complete opposite of what we experience at our own beautiful park in Holly Hill.  After about 10 minutes of Loki cowering under the picnic table near our feet, we packed up and left. How disappointing! Where is that southern hospitality, Loki wants to know?

We headed out of the park around lunchtime, decided to visit the River Street side of Savannah.  We wandered into an Irish pub, had a drink and chatted with the bartender for a bit, then moved on to several shops along the river.   

We worked up our appetites souvenir shopping, decided to try one of the other restaurants recommended by both Happy Cow and Veg Magazine. 

The Green Truck Pub is a delightful little place, serving mostly burgers & hot dogs, immensely popular with locals and tourists alike.  If you get a hankering for a Trailer Burger late on a weekend night, be prepared for to wait as long as 45 minutes for a seat! Even though we missed the lunch rush, every table was full when we arrived. We were quite happy to avoid the 15 minute wait and just sit at the bar.  Chip ordered the Trailer Burger, I decided on the Mega Veggie which consisted of a handmade veggie burger topped with vegan black bean chili, served on a bun. It was absolutely delicious and I’m not ashamed to say I almost cleaned my plate. Paired with a glass of organic chardonnay, it was immensely satisfying. 

Mega Veggie, Green Truck Pub; Savannah, GA

The hearty meal combined with the Georgia heat took it’s toll on us; finding ourselves droopy-eyed and yawning, we went back to the RV, popped in a DVD and just relaxed.  

When evening rolled around, we enjoyed happy hour on our “patio,” then decided to visit the River Street area again. Chip had seen an advertisement for live music nightly at the Irish pub, sounded like a good time so off we went.  We sat in the dining area of the restaurant, right in front of the charming Irish singer/songwriter who regaled us with song & story for an hour or so while we enjoyed our meal. Chip went for the potato soup and a corned beef sandwich on rye, which as I told him is one meal that’s hard on me as a vegan.  I can pass up the finest steak or most delectable dairy-filled dessert, but put me in front of a deli and I’m drooling! I don’t think I’m alone in this as I’ve heard other veggies admit to craving the “junk meat” such as hot dogs, cold cuts, etc.  Anyway, I’m happy to report that I did not cave in to temptation, Chip’s sandwich stayed safely on his own plate.  I was pleased to find a veggie wrap on the menu, and instead of fries I asked for a side of colcannon.   

Veggie Wrap, Kevin Barry's Irish Pub

Everything was quite tasty and along with the music and cozy atmosphere, we had a most enjoyable evening. 

Tomorrow we plan to pack up and head for our next destination, Charleston, SC. Stay tuned for more vegan gypsy adventures!


P.S. The next song in our vacation song list:

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