Monday, September 17, 2012

Tales from the Road: Asheville, Day 2

September 11, 2012 ~ Asheville, NC

After my morning walk with Loki, Chip was still snoozing so I decided to do a bit of cooking.  The weather here is so much cooler than we’re used to in South Florida, especially for early September, I decided that a pot of soup was in order. Once again using what I had on hand, I whipped up sort’ve a black bean /veggie mixture.  

I fried the onion, carrots & garlic in a bit of vegetable broth, no oil needed really. I then added the mushrooms, veggie “meat” and a can of tomatoes, allowed them to mix together nicely.  This step really isn’t necessary as I planned on cooking the soup in the crockpot, but I think taking the extra step to sauté the vegetables first gives a nicer flavor.  I then drained & rinsed the beans, dumped the whole mixture into the slow cooker and turned it on low. Voila! So nice to have dinner plans out of the way.

We headed into town after breakfast, went straight to the Visitors Center to gather brochures and decide what we wanted to see in Asheville. Once again, the trolley tour seemed like the best way to get an overall view of the city, so we paid $19 each but this time the fare included two days of non-stop on & off rides! I thought that was a pretty good deal. (sorry I don't have any pics, I took a few with my digitial camera but can't find the USB..ugh!!)

We both really liked the Montford section of the city, the historic area. We saw the sanitarium where poor Zelda Fitzgerald met her untimely death due to a fire in the hospital, something I never knew. We also learned about the famous author Thomas Wolfe who grew up in Asheville; once again, I’ve never read anything by him so a trip to the library or bookstore is definitely in order.  

After the tour we decided to have lunch at The Asheville Public, a former “greasy spoon” diner that is now anything but! I enjoyed a “Big Mac” which consisted of two Portobello mushrooms slices topped with beautiful heirloom tomatoes. It calls for the addition of goat cheese which I declined. Nice, thick steak fries were served on the side, heaven! I’m pleased to report that this “Big Mac” didn’t resemble the “other guy’s” one little bit. 

Chip had the daily special, a turkey sandwich with bacon between the diner’s famous “cat-head” biscuits, called such simply for their size and resemblance to the knobby head of a feline! He gobbled up every bite and washed it down with a local brew.  

From there we did a bit of necessary shopping at Target. Neither of us had planned for the chilly weather (duh!) so we picked up a few long sleeved shirts and light jacket.  

When dinner time rolled around, I boiled some rice (the instant boil-in-bag stuff ‘cause that’s easiest to make in the RV), and put a couple of potatoes into the convection oven.  I then put some vegetables on skewers along with some steak for Chip, he grilled them up while I prepared the rest of the meal.  With the slightly spicy soup as a first course, the baked potato and veggie skewers as a main dish, we had a nice, simple meal for just a few dollars! (you'll have to excuse the lack of pictures once again, forgot to take one before digging in!)

We are still making plans for today, have already taken Loki on a nice walk and think a couple more are in our future. The climate is so different here, so little humidity, exercising is so much easier! I can understand how Asheville got the reputation for being such a healthy town, and according to our tour guide, the Happiest City in the USA

Have a wonderful day, “see” you later!


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