Sunday, September 30, 2012

Tales from the Road: Jacksonville, FL

September 29, 2012 ~ Jacksonville, FL

We got up and on the road just after breakfast, pulled into Jacksonville around 2 pm.  I’d done a lot of research, trying to find a state park near Chip’s jobsite but, alas, it was not to be. Apparently the really nice parks are all beach side, too far for a comfortable commute. So, I had to settle for a “regular” RV Park.  

Flamingo Lake RV Resort received good reviews on the reviewsite, their website seems to back that up.  With the understanding that we weren’t going to experience the serene, tranquil camping experience we prefer, we made a reservation.  

Saturday afternoon is perhaps the worst time to check into a family-friendly park such as this. There were kids everywhere, zipping along on their bikes, splashing in the lake, playing football in the street. The adult guests were tearing around on golf carts, a pet peeve of mine..why can’t you jus t walk around the park? Why must we drive everywhere?? Anyway, it was really crowded and loud, and Loki was less than pleased. We managed to find the miniscule dog walking “trail,” about 50 feet of grass along a wooden fence.  I understand there is another dog-friendly area in the park, will be checking that out today. I’m reserving judgment for later today when the weekend visitors (hopefully) pack up and head out, but my first impression of this place isn’t positive. I’m sure it’s wonderful for families with kids, just not a middle-aged couple with a very nervous wolfdog. 

When dinner time rolled around, I consulted Happy Cow and found quite a few veg-friendly dining establishments, on the other side of town.  Sigh. Since we were both tired of driving and just wanted a quick meal nearby, we settled on a sports bar/pizza restaurant, Boston’s.  There was one veggie pasta dish on the menu but I really wanted to try their “famous” pizza, especially since they offer whole wheat crust! After ensuring that they could prepare me a pie sans cheese, I placed my order and when it arrived scarfed down a slice before I remembered to take a pic. Ooops! 

The crust was really good but the lack of cheese made the pie rather sparse. I think they could’ve loaded on some more vegetables to make up for it. It was healthy & tasty, though, so I’m not complaining one bit! 

Chip made up for my lack of meat/cheese with a Mama Meaty Calzone.  

We returned to the camp ground and took Loki for a little moonlit stroll. It’s a shame the abundance of street lights competed with the beautiful La Luna. 

full moon flamingo lake Park

Off to bed, tomorrow we’ll be hanging around Jacksonville for a while and then going home to Ormond for a couple of days while Chip supervises his other job project in Sanford, FL. 

Bye for now! 

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