Friday, September 21, 2012

Tales from the Road: Macon, GA Day 2

September 15, 2012 - Macon, GA

We got up bright & early on Friday morning as planned, had the RV packed and ready to go by 9 am.  Chip hopped into the drivers seat, turned the ignition key and..nothing. Well, the engine cranked..and cranked..but that was it. He let it sit for an hour, tried again, still nothing. After a brief conversation, we realized that our only option was to call the Good Sam roadside assistance and have the motor home towed to a local repair shop. While he was on the phone doing just that, I started packing.  Everything from the refrigerator had to fit into a cooler, all of the rest of our belongings must squeeze into the trunk and back seat floor of the car.  Not an easy task, let me tell you! We had two huge bags of laundry, a full refrigerator and pantry, not to mention all of the souvenirs we'd gathered along the way. Somehow we managed to fit the majority of it into the car, leaving the non-essentials safely stored in the RV.  After about 30 minutes the tow truck arrived. 

We followed in the car, spoke to the mechanic and sadly drove away, leaving the poor Beast at the repair shop.  We decided that it would be best to head straight home to Ormond, a 5 1/2 hour drive, and save the Gainesville visit for another time. I was disappointed, of course, had been looking forward to seeing my girls, but nothing could be done about that. 

We got home before dinner, and since we were technically still on vacation we treated ourselves to a meal-and-a-view at Ocean Deck.  Not the perfect ending to our trip but we made the best of it!

It looks like we'll be heading back to Macon to pick up The Beast this coming weekend, plan to stay in Paynes Prairie and catch up with my girls then.  In the meantime, we're here in Pembroke Pines this weekend, am planning a special Mabon meal so stay tuned for a holiday post!



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