Thursday, September 20, 2012

Tales from the Road: Macon, GA

September 14, 2012 ~ Macon, GA

After four nights in the beautiful Lake Powhatan, Chip and I reluctantly packed up the campsite and departed Asheville.  We weren't ready to leave, but our site was already reserved for another camper and since Chip was due back at work on Monday anyway, we figured it was time to go.  To lift my spirits, my sweet man suggested a stop in Gainesville on the way home. We could stay overnight in Paynes Prairie again, visit with my girls. Well, that put the smile back on my face! We got out the map and planned a route, decided to stop in Macon, GA for the night and then to Gainesville on Saturday.

We made one stop along the way, in Hendersonville, NC at Justus Orchard.


I couldn't resist the fresh apples!

Chip couldn't say no to the fried apple pie!

and we both fell in love with these little guys!

By lunchtime we were back on the country road, passed a corn field which was a foreign sight to us!

We rolled into Macon before dinner, checked into the campground at Lake Tobesofkee.  The lake view was so pretty, just wish they hadn't cleared so many trees from the campsite, quite a culture shock coming from the woods of NC!

Lake Tobesofkee; Macon, GA

What's for dinner?
 Since we were only staying one night, we decided to keep things simple, not set up the whole "patio" area, gas grill, etc.  As we were both tired & hungry, we set up camp quickly and headed out for dinner. This proved to be a challenge for me as the majority of the restaurants in Macon, GA (at least in our area) are either bbq, steak houses, and/or fast food joints.  Ugh! I finally located a Mellow Mushroom about 15 minutes away and since I've been wanting to try their vegan pizza, away we went.  Well, it started to rain, and we were driving on these dark & curvy country roads, no street lights, I was shaking like a leaf by the time we finally reached the restaurant!

Sitting under a giant Mellow Mushroom!
Super-yummy veggie pizza with vegan cheese

The food and atmosphere were worth the stress, though. We had an enjoyable dinner, returned to the RV and hit the sack early, planning to make an early departure the next morning.  This was not to be, however, stay tuned for more of our adventure!



  1. Mellow Mushroom has an eclectic group of locations. Some here, some there. Since I always travel with my cooler bag when I'm at a supermarket that has some fake meat I always pick something up. I added some Tofurky Italian sausage, (cut up at the table since most restaurants these days won't take food from a customer into their kitchen), and that pushed the pizza over the top. Still would have been a good pizza, (crust was yeastily intoxicating), with just the Daiya and veg though!

  2. There is one here in Austin I believe.

    1. Kim, I wish we had one closer to us here in Ormond!