Sunday, October 21, 2012

Tales from Home: Ormond Beach

Love Whole Foods, Ormond Beach
As I mentioned, we'll be spending the next few days at home in Ormond Beach, which is a stone's throw from the more famous Daytona Beach.  For the majority of the year, this is a sleepy little city.  While it has all of the basic necessities such as ample shopping, dining & various other entertainment opportunities, Ormond still manages to feel like a small town. Minimal traffic, quiet neighborhoods, low crime rate. We have just enough culture to keep me entertained, but if we get bored or want more "big city" fun, Orlando is only an hour away.  It's really a perfect place for me at this stage in my life as my needs are rather simple; as long as I have a library, a movie theater and a good internet connection, I'm content. And then, there's this, within walking distance of our house...

Central Park, Ormond Beach

And this, ten minutes from our doorstep..

Ormond Beach, FL

And, the best part, this is the view from our bedroom window..

If I want an "art fix," I can stop at the museum and stroll through the gardens..

Cecelia Lueza exhibit

Ormond Beach Memorial Museum & Gardens

For yummy veg-friendly dining, we often visit the Dancing Avocado Kitchen.

Chip enjoying a vegetarian Carrot Cream Smoothie

Vegan Veggie/Tofu/Avocado, etc. Sandwich & Taters

Or we can have a bite to eat at the beachfront Ocean Deck...

Tropical Salad, veganized by the Ocean Deck

When I'm in the mood for something spicy (which I usually am!), there are several wonderful Thai restaurants nearby...

Spring Rolls

Siam Tofu from Thai Erawan

So, you see, I'm really not missing anything here in this quiet little town...except for my cats and my kids. I'm working on that part. *smile*

No plans for today as of yet, looking forward to a relaxing Sunday. How about you?

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