Monday, November 26, 2012

Our (Mostly) Vegan Thanksgiving

Since South Florida is still "home" to us, we decided to spend the holiday weekend down there.  The college kids met us in Ormond Beach and we caravaned south on Wednesday afternoon.  Fortunately Kristyn was able to do the holiday shopping, cleaning and prep work, allowing us to swoop in and help with the last minute details.

Our Thanksgiving guest list included a mixture of vegans/vegetarians and omnivores, so we decided to appease everyone with a "mostly vegan" Thanksgiving feast.  From family favorites such as Mom's Ambrosia Salad to Lindsey's famous pies, we veganized as best we could.  Vegan marshmallows, Earth balance spread, and egg substitutes came to the rescue, making the task nearly effortless.  We did have a real roasted turkey alongside the Tofurky, made Cuban style by Jesus.  It smelled awesome but I'm happy to report that I stuck to the faux bird which, when topped with gravy, satisfied my meaty craving quite nicely. 

Below are a few photos from our celebration, hope you all had a lovely holiday!

Kristyn crafting the place cards

with a little help from sisters and friends

the end result, aren't they lovely?

Brynna manning the mashed potatoes

Lindsey making the pies
ooh, can we have dessert first??

Kristyn discovered that a bit of egg replacer makes vegan marshmallows less sticky and easier to work with!

Table set and ready for guests!
Most of the feast, served buffet style. Thank goodness for Crock-pots!
Presley taking an after-dinner nap..ahhh....

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