Monday, February 11, 2013

Monday Menu Planning


Well, the worst of the cold seems to be behind me, thank goodness! All that remains is a runny nose and a strangely sore back, assuming I can thank the violent coughs and sneezes for that. I spent the weekend reading, resting, and overloading on fruits & veggies, hoping to chase the germs out of my system. We headed back to Ormond last night, woke up this morning feeling rested and ready to tackle the week!

Starting today, I'm going to implement a tried-and-true weight loss tool that proved effective in the past: Menu Planning. Realizing that I'm the kind of person who does well with a lot of structure, I'm going to organize a week's worth of recipes, create a shopping list, shop and then cook for the whole week as opposed to just winging it on a day to day (or sometimes meal to meal) basis. When I did this before, I was much more successful in my weight loss as well as overall healthy eating.

Since Chip doesn't always share my vegan dishes, I plan to dole out portion-sized servings and refrigerate or freeze for future meals. This way, when he decides to eat a frozen pizza for dinner, I have other options at the ready. You'll notice that most of these recipes take advantage of my Crock-Pot; due to Chip's work schedule I'm never quite sure when we'll be eating dinner and also, I'm a morning person and enjoy cooking in the early AM hours when I'm alone and the house is quiet.

Here's the plan so far:

Monday: Cajun 15-Bean Soup  
Tuesday: Spicy Black Bean Tacos  
Wednesday: Vindaloo Vegetables with Quinoa  
Thursday: Valentines Day - Out to Dinner  
Friday: Red Beans and Rice for Two  
Saturday: Engine 2 Vegetarian Lasagna 
Sunday: Lindsey's Birthday Celebration! Out to Dinner

Stay tuned, whenever possible I'll be sharing/reviewing each recipe on the day it's served.  

Have a beauty-full day,


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