Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tales from the Road: St Augustine, Florida

Indian River Campground; St Augustine, FL

We arrived in St Augustine just before lunchtime yesterday, got ourselves hooked up and settled in to the campground and then ran out for a quick lunch.

Though the Black Molly Grill is described as a steak & seafood restaurant, I was pleased to find a Mediterranean salad that, sans cheese, was perfect for lunch!

We spent the afternoon with Chip working and me reading/relaxing/walking Loki. Before we knew it, it was time for dinner.

Several years ago Chip purchased several gift certificates for restaurants in St Augustine.  For one reason or another we haven't used them all, so this is the perfect opportunity to do so.

Deli/Bakery Counter at Bistro de Leon
 With my love of French food and culture (second only to Italian), I've been dying to visit Bistro de Leon. However, knowing that French fare is often laden with butter and cheese, not to mention meat, I had some concerns about finding a vegan option on the menu. 

Chip pouring his first French beer

The lesson I learned: when the server asks for your order, tell him/her immediately that you are vegan. Hopefully he/she will know what that is, at least enough to direct you around the menu.  I was fortunate to have a mostly-vegan waitress who went straight back to the chef and asked if he'd accommodate me, am pleased to report that he was more than happy to do so. At my suggestion, he created a lovely pasta dish, chock-full of grilled veggies, simmered in a light vegetable broth. Along with a gorgeous mixed green salad, it was a wonderful meal! I especially enjoyed the chef's visit to our table as I was able to thank him for his consideration and extra effort.

Today we plan to do some more exploring, so stay tuned!

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