Sunday, March 24, 2013

Weekend Fun

Happy Sunday morning! Hope your weekend has been wonderful so far!

Mine started out with Happy Hour at one of our favorite local spots, Billy's Tap Room.  We often stop by there on Friday night for live music, cocktails, and sometimes I indulge in what I call "Fry Day." Once a week I allow myself an order of french the healthiest of snacks but at least they are vegan!

Saturday morning Chip and I enjoyed a leisurely cup of coffee on the patio and then headed out to the Spring Herb Faire hosted by our Seaside Herb Society

The faire was held in the Bailey Riverbridge Gardens, just outside the Pilgrim's Rest Primitive Baptist Church, the spot where the first Christian marriage was supposedly performed, back in 1566!


They had a lovely bake sale but unfortunately, no vegan goodies. Maybe I should join the herb society and assist with that next year?

I quickly filled my basket with parsley, lavender, mint, and rosemary, fortunately I had my handy dandy helper to carry them all for me!

We then made our way to the beach where Chip rode his bike while I walked.


The sky soon turned grey and dark so we returned home and quickly planted the herbs in my fledgling garden.  I can't wait to use them in my cooking tonight!

Jezebel enjoying some patio time
The rest the day was spent reading, watching movies and relaxing, a perfect rainy Spring day.  Dinner was a simple stir fry, nothing special or photo-worthy.

Off to do laundry and start packing; we are loading up the RV and making our way toward St Augustine tomorrow!

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