Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Happy Birthday, Baby!

Yesterday my hunny turned 51 years old. Since he is a sailor and loves all things pirate, his birthdays always have the same theme.

Beer & Birthday Cake? Why not?

We started the celebration on Saturday afternoon, had a small party at our local sports bar. Cocktails, cake, and a lot of laughs! Since I didn't have time to bake, the cake was (unfortunately) purchased from a conventional bakery and therefore not vegan.  I didn't partake, which led to an interesting conversation about why vegans don't eat eggs, so perhaps some good came out of the situation.

To make up for my transgression, I bought Carrot Cake Cupcakes from Whole Foods on Saturday, topped one with a candle and had Chip make another birthday wish.

Last but certainly not least, on his real birthday we went to dinner at Scarlett O'Hara's, a popular historic restaurant in St Augustine.

While the menu consists mostly of "pub food" and some traditional Southern dishes, they do offer both a veg burger and veggie wrap.  I opted for the latter. Crisp cool salad greens rolled in a soft tortilla with hot salty fries on the side, yummy!

Veggie Wrap
On the way home we stopped for coffee and dessert at a fabulous cafe I've been dying to visit, Present Moment.

Front entrance
outside wall
Counter view
Back entrance

All vegetarian and mostly raw, everything on the menu sounded fantastic! The decor was cozy & inviting, absolutely lovely. We will definitely be coming back for lunch or dinner another time.  The Chocolate Ganache Pie was downright heavenly, so chocolatey without being too sweet..bordering on bittersweet, I would say.  Cashew Vanilla ice cream was the perfect cool accompaniment.

Chocolate Ganache Pie with Cashew Vanilla Ice Cream
Overall, I think my sweetie had a very nice birthday celebration, don't you?

Today it's back to the regular grind, him working and me relaxing in St Augustine.  I hope to do some home cooking; too many restaurant meals are not good for my waistline!

Have a wonderful day..

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