Thursday, April 4, 2013

Snapshots: St Augustine & Ormond Beach

Still running back & forth from St Augustine to Ormond Beach, here's what we've been up to..

On Tuesday, we planned to have lunch at The Floridian, a highly recommended veg-friendly restaurant in St Augustine. After fighting the crazy traffic caused by Spring Break and the Ponce de Leon anniversary celebrations, we finally found a parking spot a few blocks from the restaurant, walked there only to find that they are closed on Tuesdays. Ugh! Both of us starving by that point, we settled on a New Orleans-style restaurant nearby. Unfortunately, the only thing vegan on the menu was a dinner salad.  Disappointing, but I appreciated the fact that the waiter was knowledgeable and honest about the ingredients; it helped that his former girlfriend was vegan! The salad was beautiful and delicious, anyway.

Under the category of Recipe Fails, I tried to make a Vegan Omelet, but no matter how hard I tried it never firmed up enough and ended up being scrambled tofu. It was such a sad, measly sight there in my skillet, I couldn't serve it that way yet didn't want to toss it out (I hate waste!) so I had to get creative.  I added some pinto beans, stuffed the whole thing inside a warm tortilla shell, topped with salsa and a dollop of dairy-free sour cream and a jalapeno for extra kick. Eureka! A Mexican Breakfast Burrito was discovered! Know what? It was delicious and I think I enjoyed it more than I would have the omelet!

Wednesday night we were in Ormond, dinner at home consisted of Lentil Soup for me, Veggie Chili for Chip, both pulled from the freezer.  I'm so glad I always overcook and freeze leftovers in individual portions! I whipped up a batch of Beer Bread to serve alongside, has anyone tried this stuff? Not very healthy but by using Earth Balance instead of dairy butter, it is vegan, and oh-so-delicous! Believe it or not, I buy it at the Dollar Tree! Yep, that's my dirty little secret - I'm a dollar store shopper.

Big News: last night Chip received delivery of his new car! Well, it's not exactly new; it's a 2011 Nissan Altima Hybrid.  He's excited about the gas mileage, I'm thrilled about leaving less of carbon footprint - it's all good.

Hubby has requested Spaghetti and "meat"balls for dinner tonight, will post recipe and reviews tomorrow.

Have a great day,

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