Monday, May 6, 2013

Quckie Weekend Recap

Long story short, we had to pack up ourselves, 3 cats and the dog yesterday, put everyone into multiple cars (thank you, Brynna for driving over from G'ville to assist!) and head south.  Chip has a work project in Ft Lauderdale that requires his presence for about 6 weeks, so you'll find me posting our South Florida adventures for a while.  I have mixed emotions, there are things I love about each location..bittersweet, but I'll adapt and bloom where I'm planted, as they say. The cats, however, were less than thrilled about being tucked into crates for the ride, and I have the scratches to prove it!

So, my eating plan was a bit off yesterday and as a result I'm feeling like crap this morning. I did my best under the circumstances (on the road, no "Michele" food in the house once we arrived, etc) but today will definitely be all about shop/prep/regroup.

Cinco de Mayo Salad

I forgot to take a breakfast pic, hope Allan will forgive me and not toss me out of the challenge..grin..but lunch was a beautiful take-out salad from Tijuana Flats.  No shell, no dairy, just veggies & black beans, probably under 300 calories.  This was my homage to Cinco de Mayo; I did not eat one single chip, nor did I have even a sip of the frozen margaritas Kristyn made.  Before you give me any kudos, though, check out the happy hour/early dinner I consumed:

05.05.13 Happy Hour

I have no idea how many pieces of pita I ate, nor how much hummus.  I didn't finish the whole thing, brought home leftovers, but between the food & the wine, I'm sure it was more calories than allotted.  Oh, well.

Later that evening we sat out by the pool where I had another glass of wine and gave in to the kids' offer of Chinese food take-out. Groan.  I had some Szechuan tofu and a HUGE pile of veggies; again, no clue how many/much calorie-wise. It was too dark on the patio to take pics, and at that point I was in the "whatever" frame of mind, stressed out and allowing that to be an excuse to overeat.  I did not have the (fried) spring rolls, though, so there's that small pat on my back.

Wait, that's not all! Let's not forget the pizza we ordered Saturday night when Brynna and Jon rolled into cheese, just crust & veggies, but still..calorie count? Who knows. This is why I hate eating out!


So, there you have it.  Not the best choices, but not the worst, time to count my losses (er...gains?) and move on!

The best part of South FL is my daughter and her boyfriend who stay in my house; this week I have the added bonus of Brynna & her boyfriend visiting. Two out of three kids under one roof = one happy mama! I'm looking forward to cooking for someone other than Chip and myself, sorting through recipes now and then will be heading to the grocery store.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend, Happy Monday!


  1. I don't think your choices look all that bad, except maybe the Szechuan tofu- that sauce is really high in both sodium and calories. But you could have definitely done much worse ;) That salad looks delicious!

    1. Thank you, Laura, I was thinking the same thing about the Szechuan sauce. I'm not even sure it's vegan, there might be some butter in there, am gonna search out a lower-cal homemade version for when those cravings hit.

  2. I will not post any tofu jokes... I will not post any tofu jokes!!!
    Ha - that's one of the things I've discovered about myself - that any old excuse will do for me to deviate from plan...

    1. Val, lol, not a fan of tofu, eh? ;)

      Apparently, me, too! Sheesh..ah, well, no excuses this Monday.

  3. Tijuana Flats has a calorie counter if you ever need it! Without guacamole your salad had 217 calories. With guac it's 232 :)