Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Quickies and My Ex-Husband

April 1984 - barely a baby bump of Kristyn

That got your attention, huh? Well, it's not exactly as it ex-hubby #1, Baby Daddy to my first born daughter, is still a very big part of my life even though we've been divorced for 25 years.  He lives within walking distance of my home down south, enabling him to spend lots of time with Kristyn.  Not only is he one of my closet friends in the world, he's also an awesome daddy and, when needed, excellent pet sitter.  We have an unusual situation here in that..hope you're sitting down..he and my current hubby are best friends and have been for 40 years.  Yes, you read that right. I'll spare you the long soap-opera-ish story, but if you're bored curious enough, you can read about it at my old blog.  Anyway, Glenn and Chip are best friends. Glenn and I are exes. My kids love them both.  We're one big messy, happy hippy family, and it's all good. Very good.  But I digress..

Glenn & Chip, still crazy after all these years

Without invading his privacy too much, I'll tell you this: Glenn has some health issues that have caused us all a bit of concern, and he is making some lifestyle changes in order to combat those.  This past week he made the announcement that he's decided to become (mostly) vegetarian. Well, knowing how much this Italian loves his sausage (the meat, get your mind out of the gutter!), we were understandably shocked! Then, thrilled. And then, being the control freak ex-wife that I am, I started planning.  Knowing that the bachelor won't cook a lot for himself, Kristyn and I put our heads together and decided to help.  Since his doctor wants him to limit white, starchy foods (yay!), we're going to introduce him to some healthy grains he's never tried, such as quinoa.  To his advantage, Glenn is a huge veggie lover so I honestly think the transition will be easy as, well, spinach pie! My dream is that he becomes like Chip (in this one area only) and is a vegetarian at home, indulging on an occasional dinner out.

So, with all of that in mind, you're wondering...ok, where does the Quickie part come in? Here goes: since I'm trying to lose weight and could use a bit more structure, I've decided to go back to the basics with Dr. Barnard's 21-Day Kickstart, or what I refer to as Quickstart.  All of the basics of a plant-based diet are covered here, including menu plans, recipes, etc.  I am going to follow the plan as closely as possible for the next 21 days, sharing meals/recipes with Glenn as much as he wants.  I doubt he'll want to spend every dinner at our house, but even if he just gets a few "doggy bags" per week it'll certainly be better than nothing.  As Chip and I will be "home" for at least a month, it seems like the perfect timing!

Now, the Quickstart is really for new vegans so if you haven't switched to a plant based diet, this is a great opportunity for you to do so! I'll be posting/reviewing the recipes as I go along, should be a wonderful experience for all of us.

I'll be shopping and planning this afternoon, will start the Quick Start with the first dinner recipe tonight: Fettuccine with Grilled Asparagus, Peas and Lemon. Hope you'll join us on this new fun-filled challenge!

Note: Due to unexpected time constraints this afternoon (damned flat tire!), I'll be making a recipe from Day Two of the Kickstart, using what I have on hand.  Pop back in tomorrow for a review of the Moroccan Bean Stew with Sweet Potatoes.


  1. Ha ha! This reminds me of my former MIL - she remained close & friendly w/her 2nd husband (adoptive father of my ex-husband & his sister, bio-dad of their baby sister); I had plenty of photos of her sitting between H2 & H3, smiles all around!
    I'll be anxious to see some of these recipes, thanks for sharing.

  2. Val, so cool about your MIL! Chip is #3 for me as well. #2 hubby was a great stepdad and very accepting of my relationship with Glenn, but we are not friends. maybe someday..we made some awesome kids together!