Thursday, May 23, 2013

Vegan Kickstart, Day Seven

Today's menu was..weird.  First of all, the calorie count was super low; if I hadn't supplemented with a couple of extra snacks and a bowl of soup at lunchtime, I would've only consumed about 600 calories! Considering that most of the other day's menus were in the 1,200 - 1,400 range (perfect), this was a surprise and I can only conclude that they expected one to add more veggies, etc? Either way, here's what I ate:

Food: Day 7, Vegan Kickstart

Breakfast: Tofu Breakfast Scramble

Lunch: Artichoke Hearts and Tomato Salad  & Cannellini Beans, Miso Soup

Snack: Fresh berries Frozen tropical fruit, leftover hummus w/baked blue chips & raw vegetables

Dinner: Israeli Couscous with Carrots, Peas, and Red Wine Vinegar with Seared Cauliflower with Garlic and Tamari   Leftovers

Worst Tofu Scramble EVER
The Tofu Scramble breakfast was seriously the worst scramble I've ever eaten, and I've had many versions. The only seasonings were salt & turmeric, so in essence it was a bunch of mushed-up yellow tofu & potato. Gross. Kristyn doctored up her portion with some Sriracha & soy sauce, I choked mine down and moved on.

Artichoke Heart & Tomato Salad
Artichoke Heart & Tomato Salad, Miso Soup

Lunch was tasty; the salad reminded me of my "famous" Triple Bean & Artichoke Salad, albeit w/o the fat. Next time I'll add more seasonings, though, as it was a bit bland.

As for dinner, I honestly didn't like the idea of chilled couscous, so I decided to eat leftover Ratatouille & brown rice from the prior night.  

Overall, this was not my favorite day on the Vegan Kickstart, but every meal can't be a winner, right? I'm trying to disconnect from food a bit, thinking of it more as fuel and less as fun, so many an occasional flop is good for me.

Here's my food journal:

Fitness: I logged another 30 minutes on the treadmill, about the same speed as yesterday but it was slightly easier this time.  Fitbit says I burned 559 calories through exercise.

Weight: So, here's my little announcement: I have lost my first 5 pounds, 6 to be exact. Woo-hoo!! That is just the motivation I need to keep going! I don't see much of a difference, body-wise, except that my tummy might be a tiny bit flatter.  I can't remember, how many pounds equals one dress size? I'm thinking ten? Looking forward to that.

Personal:  Last night was a bit rough craving-wise. I cooked Chip a separate dinner of pasta, "chick'n" cutlets and Italian bread. I swear I could hear the loaf of white stuff calling me, begging me to have a butter-smeared slice..with a glass of wine, of course. I'm proud to say I ignored the siren song, and this morning's weight loss is my reward.

Tonight we have plans to join friends for Happy Hour at our local watering hole.  This is a Thursday night routine when we're in South FL, several of us get together to see a mutual friend sing/play guitar.  Typically I'd have a couple glasses of wine or beers, dinner would consist of a portobello mushroom sandwich with fries.  Of course I'd wake up feeling like crap on Friday morning, bloated and filled with dieter's remorse. I am thinking that I'll avoid all of that this time, perhaps eat a snack before we leave and have dinner when we get home..and as far as the alcohol..well, maybe a glass of club soda with a splash of cranberry juice? I'm hoping that the pride I feel on Friday morning will be a good substitute for the Thursday night wine buzz.  Wish me luck.

Sorry I don't have more photos to share; again, the natural lighting in this house is so limited, it's tough to get a good pic.  Hopefully I can take some better ones tonight.

Have a great day!


  1. Woohoo! Congrats on the loss! I'm amazed that you make all those recipes. I really need to try some new stuff. Maybe this weekend when I FINALLY get some time to myself! Ugh, this week has just been miserable at work. I haven't had 5 minutes to myself :(

    1. Thank you, Laura. If I were working outside the home, there's no way I could cook this much! Maybe some bulk cooking over the weekend, but not every day. Hope things calm down for you soon!

  2. That's what I usually do - bulk cooking on the weekend. Lately though I've just been making my salsa, salads, and black bean concoction. I really need some new foodspiration ;)