Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Vegan Kickstart, Day Six

I think today's menu was, once again, meant to be eaten on a weekend when one might have more time for cooking, and perhaps someone to share meals with.  On a Tuesday, I typically have the former, but not the latter, so I made some adjustments.

Food: Day 6, Vegan Kickstart

Breakfast: Chai Spice Pancakes and Facon Bacon  (not a fan of faux bacon)

Lunch: Orange and Fennel Salad Tossed Salad and Portobello Fajitas

Dinner: Oven-Baked Chickpea Ratatouille with Always Great Brown Rice

Dessert: Summer Fruit Compote 

I was a bit leery of the pancakes, not accustomed to breakfast food being quite so spicy/savory, but with a drizzle of maple syrup and some strawberries, scrumptious! I must've been too generous in my pouring because I only got 2 large pancakes out of the mix; I ate one, saved the other for Kristyn.

Chai Spice Pancakes

As for lunch, I like fennel but my grocery store was out of it and I didn't feel like running to Whole Foods, so I just had tossed salad w/the Creamy Avocado Dressing I made yesterday.  The fajitas were good but next time I'll leave out the roasted red pepper as I didn't care for them in this dish, and I'll spend a few calories on some guacamole.  

Portobello Fajita

I was a bit hesitant to try the dinner selection since I don't really like traditional ratatouille (cute movie, though, btw), but I was pleasantly surprised. A little bit of brown rice goes a long way when accompanied by this hearty topping, very tasty & filling.

Oven-Baked Chickpea Ratatouille

I wasn't quite sure what to "do" with the dessert, having always seen compote served over something (ice cream, etc) and not on it's own, so I just had a bowl of (frozen) tropical fruit instead. At the end of the day, I found myself low on calories so I added another snack serving, leftover tortilla chips & mango salsa from yesterday.

Here's my food journal:

Fitness: After a long absence, I got back on the treadmill and logged my usual 30 minutes. I wasn't quite able to get back to my normal speed (between 3.5 and 4mph) but a steady 3.2 wasn't bad after so many months of near sloth-like activity! The earbud/extension cord combo worked perfectly, what a pleasure to hear every word of the tv show w/o shaking the walls. Kristyn and Jesus were awake and could hear a little of the treadmill noise, of course, but not a bit of sound from the tv. Success!

Weight: I am weighing myself daily, and the numbers are going down little by little.  Tomorrow's my official weigh-in day and I should have a nice little announcement to make.  *smile*

Personal: Despite it being that time of the month, I have had no uncontrollable cravings and no crazy mood swings.  This is very unusual for me, and though I hesitate to give so much credit to the "diet," nothing else has changed in my life. Can it be that better food + more activity = a shift in hormonal madness? 

I spent a good portion of yesterday cleaning out my closet & dresser drawers.  Since we don't live here full time anymore and my daughter certainly doesn't clean my room for me (how cool would that be?), those areas of my home have been sorely neglected.  Every time I opened my closet or dresser drawer, I was confronted with articles of clothing that no longer fit.  I have jeans ranging from my size 6 (2005) days up to size 12 (2011), tons of size Medium tops, and we won't even talk about the drawers full of cute lingerie that I haven't worn in years.  It was so freakin' depressing, I have literally been living out of the suitcase I brought down from the Ormond house. Well, no more.  I tore through that room yesterday and packed up every single item that doesn't fit right now. The stuff I want to keep is contained in two Rubbermaid bins, the rest is being donated.  When I lose enough weight to fit into a smaller size, I have those bins of beautiful clothes to "shop" from.  I already feel lighter/happier, not being forced to look at the sad reminders of my weight gain, my failure to get and keep the weight off. Needless to say, my dresser and closet are empty.  Today's task is to wash/dry/fold/iron everything that fits me, and get it put away.

Off to make breakfast and hop on the treadmill, Happy Hump Day!


  1. Oh good! I'm glad the cord thingie worked out! That pancake looks delicious. And I really need to clean out my dressers and closets too. Ugh.

    1. It's such a big chore, but feels great when it's done! :)

  2. Isn't is amazing how a pancake portion, made at home and in accordance with some weighing and measuring, is no where near the size of a pancake portion we eat out at a Cracker Barrel or other pancake house? The day I actually measured the amount of syrup I used on those restaurant pancakes was the day my eyes were open to how much sugar and calories were not adequately accounted for in my day.

    1. Jane, so true! And in the past when I've eaten "those" pancakes, I'm always stuffed and, frankly, a little nauseated afterward. Well, no wonder, it was a pure sugar rush and then crash!

  3. Congrats in advance on the announcement tomorrow!

    Those chai pancakes look great - I'm so impressed you managed not to eat them both!

    I'm a bit of a recent convert to brown rice, but now I can't get enough of it!

    1. Thank you, Joey! It was mighty tempting, I certainly wanted to eat them both but I'm trying so hard to stay on track, you know?

      So funny, my omnivore hubby prefers brown rice over white! Glad you've developed a taste for it as well. :)