Friday, May 17, 2013

Vegan Kickstart: Day Two

Today's menu was really simple and enjoyable, a welcome reprieve from all of the cooking I've been doing. 

Breakfast: Cereal, plant milk (your choice), and banana and berries. Since I'm not normally a cereal person, I had to run to the grocery store before breakfast, so I just grabbed a banana to tide me over.  I chose Wholefoods 365 - Bite-Sized Wheat Squares with almond milk, pretty tasty but nothing photo-worthy.

Lunch: Hummus and Sundried Tomato Wrap and cup of leftover Curried Tomato Lentil Soup (leftover from yesterday's lunch)

05.17.13 lunch

The cool crispness of the wrap was a nice compliment to the spice of the soup, great combination. I never knew making my own hummus was so easy, why bother with store-bought?

Snack/Dessert: Ginger Banana Smoothie.  I decided to save this for after-dinner dessert, delicious! I love ginger but never would've thought to put in a fruit smoothie, brilliant! I was kinda hungry in the mid-afternoon so I had a big tossed salad with 1/4  cup of the baked chickpeas from yesterday. 

Dinner: Moroccan Bean Stew with Sweet Potatoes with side of Couscous
Just as yummy the second time around, and the couscous makes it such a hearty meal.

Sorry for the lack of pics today, have been catching up on household chores, running errands, etc. Hopefully tomorrow will hold more photo op's. I'll leave you with this, my food log for the day, in case you're interested in the nutritional analysis for the Kickstart.

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