Saturday, May 25, 2013

Vegan Kickstart, Days Nine and Ten

As expected, Friday was a total bust.  Between shuffling animals in & out of bedrooms, "supervising" the crew of men demolishing my bathroom, dealing with lack of running water for several hours, and packing for the weekend away, little else got accomplished. I ate leftovers from prior day's meals, packed up what wasn't consumed and brought it along in a cooler. When dinner time rolled around, we were on the road fighting traffic w/the other hundreds of people who'd also decided to leave town for the holiday weekend. Groan. The drive took about an hour longer than usual; when dinner time rolled around, I was very happy to have that little cooler filled with "my" meals so I didn't have to succumb to fast food. We got home in time to unload the car, take Loki for a quickie walk, shower and climb into bed. Zzzz....

I'm sure Day Nine's meals were yummy, might go back to them another time but for now, moving on to Day Ten. 

This morning I got up early (5:30) and started planning my day. Since I'm never one to leave fresh foods & vegetables behind, the refrigerator here was bare. First up, a grocery store run.  I decided to loosely follow the Kickstart menus, filling in with leftovers when possible. I had a little  at happy hour, still ended up a bit low in calories but I am full and don't want anything else. 

Food: Day Ten, Vegan Kickstart

Breakfast: Fruit Salad and whole-grain toast with apple butter

Lunch: Leftover Pita Pizzas or DIY veggie burger

Snack: Carrot and apple Tossed Salad

penne al forno 

I'm not sure who calculated the serving size of the Penne al Forno, but it made a HUGE amount! No way is it only 4 servings, I am dividing it into 8 and that's still a generous plateful! The flavors were very good, love the addition of garlic-stuffed olives, but overall a bit dry; next time I'd use more sauce.  Chip wasn't impressed, said he wasn't accustomed to having so many veggies in his pasta, but he ate a little bowl anyway. The collards were, well, what can you say about greens? They're good for you, so you eat past the slight bitterness and strong flavor.

Here's my food journal:

Fitness: Loki and I took a couple of short walks but nothing too intense. Still feeling kinda blah, hoping some extra sleep will help.  Off to bed with a good book and a cup of sleepytime tea.  I'm such a party animal! Goodnight.


  1. It may look like a total bust from where you're sitting, but the last few days looks pretty darn good from here. I'm a bit of a pastaphobe - the only way I can be interested is if there's a truck load of veggies in there, so I'm giving yours the thumbs up!

  2. Thank you, Joey; I like my pasta loaded w/veggies, too!