Friday, June 21, 2013

Summer Solstice

In honor of Litha, I prepared a little Midsummer Eve feast last night. As the herbs gathered on this eve are thought to be especially potent, I turned to my garden for cooking inspiration. The menu consisted of Mojitos on the patio for Happy Hour..

 Mojitos photo IMG_20130620_172818_zps018e33e1.jpg

Then I totally switched cultures with Rosemary Bread & a little dipping sauce (yes, I dusted off my bottle of olive oil for some of these recipes)

  Rosemary Bread w/Herbed Dipping Oil photo 20130620_180011_zps6bf5c466.jpg

alongside Orzo Minestrone Soup (I added some Tofurky "sausage" for substance and flavor)

. Minestrone with Italian "Sausage" photo 20130620_182851_zpsdc1599fb.jpg

and the main course, my own version of Pasta with Fresh Tomatoes, Basil & Garlic.

Pasta with Fresh Tomatoes, Basil & Garlic photo IMG_20130620_191020_zps4871e6c2.jpg

Dessert was a refreshing Strawberry Mint Salad, but we were so full we never got around to eating it! Oh, well, the flavors will be nicely marinated by the time we get to it.

After dinner we took a glass of wine for me, mead for Chip, and headed out to the back yard. We lit the fire pit, the last one until autumn, sat and watched until the flames died down. Overall, a lovely Solstice celebration.

Welcome, Summer!

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