Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Tales from the Road: Gainesville, FL

This past weekend Chip and I (finally) loaded up the RV and headed over to Gainesville. The reason for the trip, in addition to "just" visiting with my girls, was to deliver a new family member to Lindsey.

Meet the-as-yet-unnamed Kitten, rescued by my friend Hilda who found her with two siblings in a cardboard box outside her office! Since Hilda already has a full house of kitties, she couldn't keep them but worked tirelessly until finding a foster mama.

Milly the Kitten photo MillytheKitten_zps9117bb53.jpg

When Hilda learned that my Lindsey was looking for another furbaby to keep Milo company, she offered to drive this little one from Ft Lauderdale to Ormond, where we then continued her transport to Gainesville.

Lindsey & Milly photo IMG_20130706_152031_zps4267c9a4.jpg

 photo IMG_20130706_152333_zps05c6ae74.jpg

Milo showed little interest at first but Lindsey tells me that the two of them are quickly becoming good friends.

Milo meets Milly photo 20130706_142318_zpsc3174e96.jpg

Kitteh meets the goddess Kwan Yin..

Milly and Kwan Yin photo IMG_20130707_214322_zps7a7d03cd.jpg 

With that important task behind us, we spent a few hours hanging out with the kids, eating veggie pizza for dinner...

Veggie Pizza from Gainesville photo GosmsPhoto1373227278565_zpsbbdba638.jpg

Then a big brunch the next morning before heading home.  The pics aren't pretty but I promise, the food was fantastic! The Top is a popular restaurant/bar, famous for it's Sunday Brunch.  It's good thing we got there right when they opened because by the time we left there was a line out the door!

Tofu Scramble & Biscuit from The Top, Gainesville photo IMG_20130707_120330_zpsbdf359a7.jpg
Tofu Scramble w/Vegan Biscuit

Blueberry French Toast w/Seitan Bacon photo IMG_20130707_123713_zpscfca3c33.jpg
Blueberry French Toast w/Seitan Bacon
So, here we are back at home in Ormond. Unfortunately one of our cars broke down yesterday so I'm housebound today; no big deal, I have plenty to keep me busy and plenty of food on hand for meal preparations.

Hope your week is off to a great start!


  1. Cute kitten... we used to have a kitten that looked just like that. Her name was Whiskers. All of your meals look sooo delicious. My problem is, I find that I tend to stick with what I like, but I end up eating the same things over and over again. I'm trying to break out of that though. I'm already gathering up some new recipes to try.

  2. Rachael, aw, my family's first cat was named Whiskers! :)

    I understand what you mean about "repetition," though some people claim that's helpful in weight loss. I don't know; for myself, I know that I get bored if I don't shake things up a bit.

    Hope I'm helping in that area, please let me know if there's anything else I can do!

  3. Oh my, I seriously love kitties!

    I am very glad I found your blog. I agree with Rachael that your food pics looks really amazing! :)

  4. Hi, Linda! I seriously do, too, there's just nothing cuter than a kitten, right?

    Thank you for the compliment and for stopping by, hope to "see" you again soon! :)