Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Birthday Treats

Birthday Michele & Loki photo IMG_20130819_181132_zps5a3c085a.jpg

So, yesterday was my 49th birthday.  *gulp* I honestly find that hard to believe. While I'm not usually hung up on my age, this one feels important somehow. I'm hoping I can make some positive changes in the coming year, greet the big 5-0 an even better version of myself. 

Chip was working in Melbourne so we spent the first part of the week in the RV at the campground.  

 photo IMG_20130819_150738_zps851fd892.jpg

 photo IMG_20130820_132902_zpsf4847214.jpg

We had a couple of meals out, including one really bad experience at a local Mexican restaurant. The food was tasteless, the margaritas sour & watery..yuck! When I asked for a bean burrito without cheese, I expected more than beans stuffed inside a tortilla and..nothing else.

Margarita Michele photo 20130819_130705_zpsc221b094.jpg

Bean Burrito with Rice & Coleslaw...worst ever! photo 20130819_131415_zps85d56787.jpg

Honestly, Taco Bell does a better job, which is why we ended up having lunch there the next day!

Birthday Tacos photo IMG_20130820_133838_zps69539e29.jpg

We did enjoy a wonderful dinner at Bangkok, Bangkok, a Thai restaurant & sushi bar. The steamed Tofu Rolls were the best I've ever eaten, and Chip clearly enjoyed his Spring Rolls. My Green Curry was also exceptional, would definitely dine here again.

Tofu Rolls photo 20130819_190735_zpsbeb3120f.jpg

> Chip and Spring Rolls photo 20130819_190750_zps178042ca.jpg

We were home by dinnertime last night, grabbed a couple of sandwiches and a cooler and headed to the beach. I can't think of a nicer way to end my birthday than with this gorgeous view!

 photo IMG_20130820_194557_zps1c89790a.jpg

Blue Moon photo 20130820_202052_zps2c2138cd.jpg

The celebration will continue this weekend as we head to Gainesville to visit with my girls and see their new homes.  In the meantime, I'm off to catch up on household chores and perhaps a bit of treadmill time!

Have a great day..



  1. Hi Michele, Happy Birthday! You look beautiful.

  2. Happy Birthday Michele! I agree with Marion too - you look so lovely!

  3. Now I want a spring roll! They look great.
    Happy Birthday to you!