Wednesday, August 28, 2013

On My Hearth: Mixed Vegetable Curry

I've been cooking from my meal plan this week, how about you? Due to Chip's crazy work schedule (2 am - early afternoon!), he hasn't been eating at the same times or even always the same meals as I have. Working nights definitely throws one's body out of whack, but to his credit he never complains. 

So, anyway, on Monday I made the Spinach & Mushroom Lasagna, and it was a total flop. I am not criticizing the recipe author because it's possible I did something wrong, but seriously, it was awful. Incredibly dry and tasteless, I smothered it with a ton of pasta sauce and ate it anyway because I was hungry and didn't feel like preparing another meal, but the remainder of the pan went straight into the trash. Fortunately there were weekend leftovers in the fridge for Chip to eat because there's no way I'd serve this to anyone else. I don't understand why the recipe calls for regular lasagna noodles and doesn't require cooking beforehand, but by the reviews the dish turned out ok for several people. Mine, not so much. The noodles were not cooked thoroughly and still managed to be overcooked on the edges. Yuck. I definitely won't be making this one again. Moving on.. 

Last night I opted for the Mixed Vegetable Curry from Dr. Barnard's Get Healthy, Go Vegan Cookbook. I've had really good luck with his recipes so far, and this would held great promise. 

Mixed Vegetable Curry, in Progress photo IMG_20130827_171015_zps851c0160.jpg

Unfortunately, the end result, while not inedible, didn't completely satisfy either. I'm accused to coconut-milk-laden curries from Thai restaurants which I know are full of fat & calories, so I didn't expect the homemade version to taste the same. I did, however, expect more flavor. There was no extra "sauce" to wet the couscous, so it was quite dry. The curry flavors were very subtle so if you are not a fan of spicy foods, this will be perfect for you. For myself, I'll either look for a recipe with more heat, or try to tweak this one another time. The leftovers will not go to waste, though; I'll just have to add more vegetable broth or..?

Mixed Vegetable Curry photo 20130827_174011_zpse48cf2ad.jpg 

Because I haven't had my fix of Thai food, tonight I'll be making Happy Herbivore's Cheater Pad Thai. I hope you'll pop by tomorrow for my review.

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