Friday, August 2, 2013

Tales from the Road: A Mix of Central & South Florida

Ahhh..after a few days down south visiting family & friends..

Primavera Pizza photo IMG_20130728_050508_zpsb102aa9a.jpg
Primavera Pizza at DiSalvo's, Family Dinner

Veggie Kebabs photo IMG_20130726_193153_zpsc2a6064b.jpg
Veggie Kebabs courtesy of Kristyn & Jesus' grilling expertise
followed by a couple of days at the campground in Melbourne...

Cabo Burrito photo 20130731_132607_zps2ef496f0.jpg
Cabo Burrito at Big Island Burritos

Black Bean Burger photo IMG_20130730_195938_zps55758512.jpg
Black Bean Burger at Chili's in Melbourne

We are back home in Ormond.

Chik'n Wrap photo IMG_20130801_120216_zps9c1ef2d2.jpg
My own Veggie Wrap

We're looking forward to a nice long weekend, absolutely nothing on the agenda as of yet. Perfect! What are your weekend plans?