Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Guest Post: Hilda's Veggie Vegetarian Chili

Tonight I dedicate this post to my good friend Hilda.  Not only is she smart, beautiful and sassy, she is also a dedicated animal rights advocate, working tirelessly on various issues and causes.

With such a big heart for animals, it's no surprise that Hilda decided to take her compassionate way of living one step further by going vegetarian. Eleven days now without meat, I'm so proud of her! She sent me her first "official" veg-friendly recipe, a Veggie Vegetarian Chili. Doesn't it look amazing?! Recipe inspiration can be found here at Allrecipes, love that Hilda has served it over rice, such a pretty presentation!

Hilda's Veggie Vegetarian Chili photo CAM00435_zpsdee20589.jpg

Thank you, Hilda, for everything you do for the animals. I'm honored to be your friend!




  1. Hilda sounds like my kind of person.

    1. Karen, she's amazing! Our mutual love of animals brought us together as friends about 8 years ago. Wish all of us crazy animal lovers could meet up some day! :)