Monday, September 2, 2013

Happy Labor Day!

Good morning and Happy Labor Day! After a long, hot afternoon of driving, we arrived in Ormond by dinner time last night.  I daresay we looked like the Clampetts, with our trailer all loaded down as it was! Chip's old Maxima really shouldn't pull this sort of thing anymore, but even with 200+ thousand miles on it, the car just keeps on going! In addition to furnishings for my kids, we also brought down my big freezer.  No reason for it sit down south in the empty house when I can make much better use of it up here. 
The Clampetts photo 20130901_125205_zps62a931f7.jpg

After a quick unload and visit with the kitties, we felt deserving of a cocktail so off we went in search of Happy Hour.  Caribbean Jacks on the Halifax River was the perfect fix for frazzled nerves, the beautiful view and breeze off the water was a wonderful welcome home. 
Caribbean Jacks View of the Halifax River photo 20130901_185129_zps71216604.jpg

Unfortunately, the restaurant menu contains mostly seafood dishes, nothing veg-friendly, so we didn't stay for a meal. We really didn't feel like cooking at that point so we just grabbed a couple of tacos to eat at home.  As much as I dislike fast food, I do make an exception for Taco Bell. Their crunchy bean tacos prepared Fresco style are delicious and not too unhealthy. 

Today's plans have yet to be determined, but since I didn't make all of the recipes from last week's menu plan, I'm sure one of those dishes will be on my hearth.  I'll work on a new menu sometime today and perhaps post again later.  For now, I hear a fresh cup of coffee and a new book calling my name. 

For those of you who are fortunate to have the day off, enjoy your well-deserved holiday! 



  1. Looking forward to seeing your meal plan for the week. This is "back to work" week for me, and I am not as well organized and prepared as I had planned to be!