Monday, September 16, 2013

Monday Menu Planning: Week of September 16

Good morning! How was your weekend? I had a lovely time visiting with my kids who drove over from Gainesville. We did a little shopping, a little cooking, and quite a bit of eating!

Kristyn at the Flea Market photo 20130915_120859_zps9ffa42ed.jpg
Garden Shopping

Dinner Wine 09.15.13 photo IMG_20130915_141418_zpseeb6c791.jpg
A little wine for the recipe, a little for the cook..

Family Dinner 09.15.13 photo 20130915_152220_zps0caa545e.jpg
Sunday Family Dinner
Our dinner menu featured Baked Ziti and Garlic Bread from the Jazzy Vegetarian, big green salad on the side.  I must say, everything was delicious and it was so much fun cooking for my kids again! I sent all of the leftovers home with them, hope they'll enjoy it as much the second time around.

Here's what I'll be dishing up this week: 

Southwest Zucchini Pie
Butternut Tribute Stew 
Tomato Soup with Spaghetti Squash
Slowcooker Potato Leek Soup
Mushroom Stroganoff

Wow, I notice there's an abundance of "comfort food" on this week's menu..hmm..I feel a cold/sore throat coming on so I guess that's why.  Nothing like a big bowl of soup when you're feeling under the weather, right?

I'm off to make my grocery list and finish my morning chores.  Have a wonderful day!



  1. With all that healthy food, I'm sure you'll be healthy again in no time.

    1. Karen, you're so right! Other than a little bit tired, I'm back to "normal," whatever that is. ;)