Tuesday, September 24, 2013

On My Hearth: Vegetarian Chili & Cornbread

In honor of Mom's birthday, I decided to dedicate this week's menu to some of her favorite foods, those that remind me of my childhood.  First up: Vegetarian Chili.  When I was a little girl, Mom would cook up a pot of chili on Friday evening and we'd "eat off" it all weekend long.  Sometimes she'd make cornbread to go alongside, but more often than not we'd simply use fat slices of white bread for dunking.  Now, of course Mom's version contained ground beef, but I've done my best to replicate her recipe, such as it is, to make it my own.  This is so easy, you really can't even call it a recipe, I just dump in whatever ingredients look good to me at the time.  Today I used some leftover taco "meat," a couple cans of tomatoes, and cooked kidney beans.  Chip likes to top his with veggie sour cream and cheddar, I go for a slice of avocado.

Veggie Chili photo 20130923_172012_zps627fd6a9.jpg

Speaking of cornbread, I've tried several vegan recipes over the past year and have yet to find my favorite.  They are either too dry, too flat, not sweet enough, etc.  This one by Jazzy Vegetarian, however, was perfect!  While I don't cook with oil everyday, I think sometimes a dish calls for just a tad. Now, this bread is a little sweet due to the banana & brown sugar, but I think it's a nice accompaniment to the spicy chili.

Hope your week is off to a great start..



  1. Try a can of Rotele in your chili. I use one can of Rotele, kidney beans, tomato sauce, onions, and some vegan "ground beef" heat and call it done. Easy and I think good.

  2. Karen, yep, I sometimes use Ro*tel as well! It mostly depends upon what's on sale and/or what's in the pantry. :)