Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tales from the Road: Asheville, NC

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I'm happy to report that yesterday was much better than the one before..whew! We started out the day with a visit to my favorite independent bookshop, Malaprop's.  I picked up a couple of new novels and enjoyed a big ol' bowl of soy latte.  Yum!

New Book, Fresh Coffee at Malaprops photo 20131028_102544_zpsfe0729cd.jpg

We then headed to Walmart for some "necessary" shopping, including an electric blanket. Thanks to Karen & Al for the suggestion, we had a much more comfortable sleep last night! 

Chip wanted to visit a local brewery, Wedge, but discovered it didn't open until 4 pm, darn! It was lunchtime so we stopped at a little spot  in the River Arts District, White Duck Taco Shop.   I was pleased to see a vegan dish on the menu, the Banh Mi Tofu Taco, delicious!

White Duck Taco Shop Menu photo 20131028_125946_zps64232612.jpg

White Duck Taco Shop2 photo 20131028_125956_zps67270a3b.jpg

White Duck Taco Shop photo 20131028_130217_zpsd606b379.jpg

Banh Mi Tofu Taco - White Duck Taco Shop photo 20131028_130623_zps9df907dd.jpg

We spent the afternoon at the campground, watched a movie and did a load of laundry. Here are a couple of pics from the park. As I said, the view is gorgeous but this type of campground is just not my cup of tea. I need more space between my neighbors, and a better walking path for Loki. The park is pristine, the owner is anal about keeping it so, has signs posted everywhere with instructions from where to walk, park, etc, right down to the exact amount of detergent to use in the washing machine. While I appreciate her efforts and can see that they pay off, I like a more relaxed environment while on vacation!

Campfire Lodgings Site3 photo 20131028_140303_zpsfe9a1a25.jpg

Campfire Lodgings2 photo 20131028_140450_zps39e2092d.jpg

Campfire Lodgings photo 20131028_140505_zpsa17e093b.jpg

Campfire Lodgings Site2 photo 20131028_140544_zpscc3e76fa.jpg

For dinner, we went to the place I've been looking soooo forward to: Plant, the only 100% vegan restaurant in Asheville. I wish I had better pics to show you but the lighting was dim and I refuse to use a flash.  Here's one of Chip enjoying his "wild" barbeque and a local beer.  I had the hazelnut encrusted tempeh (they were out of seitan) with whipped cauliflower & veggies.  Oh. My. Goodness. Absolute heaven! I wish we had room for dessert and considered taking it to go, but since most of the selections included ice cream that wasn't an option.

Chip at Plant photo 20131028_191732_zpsdbae37da.jpg

After dinner we stopped for a night cap at The Wedge, I had a hard cider and Chip a porter, both very tasty. No pics as it was too dark, but the atmosphere was so cool, a mix of locals & tourists.

We spent some time talking to a young man who happens to be a chef at a restaurant nearby, Table. Though they are known for their meats, he assured me that he makes an awesome vegan entree. Perhaps next time we visit the area we'll check it out.

While at Plant, I noticed that there's a Trader Joe's right across the street! I've heard so much about this store yet they are just starting to spread into Florida and, alas, no locations near my house. So today's agenda is to blow the last of my vacation budget...on groceries.  *grin*  I also want to pick up some little souvenirs for my daughters' boyfriends, so looks like it'll be a shopping day.

Tomorrow we are going home, so we'll probably spend the afternoon at the site, packing and preparing to get an early morning start.  It's been fun (well, mostly), but I'm ready to go home.

Have a wonderful day,



  1. Glad the electric blanket worked out for you. Not only do we have one for ourselves, but the kitties have one too!

    Ready to go home? I don't think I ever said that. Safe travels.

  2. Karen, I miss my kitties. If I had them w/me, it would be much easier to be away but there are 3 of them, and they do not travel well.

  3. I'll bet your kitties would be just fine once they got used to traveling. Ours are just fine. They meow as they are getting put into their cages for travel, but as soon as we start to move they fall asleep and are as good as gold. Once we get stopped, they come out and feel right at home....because they are right at home. Try it, I'll bet they will do just fine.

    1. Karen, the idea of having 3 cats and a 70-lb dog in a 28' RV..not so appealing, lol. I don't think I'm cut out for full time RV life.