Friday, October 25, 2013

Tales from the Road: Columbia, South Carolina

Well, I gotta tell you, yesterday was not a good day! First thing in the morning, when taking Loki for his walk, I found a "hot spot" on his back.  Damn it! He had one of these before, and in addition to being very painful & itchy, it can progress quickly and become more serious.  Last time, I used an over-the-counter treatment which worked well so off to the pet store we went.  While we were out, we stopped at Target because, being a Florida girl (and a high heel addict), I didn't pack the proper footwear for this vacation.  My sweetie was kind enough to buy me not just one but two pairs of boots, and a matching hat.  Ha!

Target Shopping photo 20131024_105718_zpse58f5942.jpg

We also bought this snazzy new harness for Loki, doesn't he look handsome?!

Loki's new harness photo IMG_20131024_140417_zps8a4daac2.jpg

One more stop at Whole Foods for some Rescue Remedy, thinking it might help calm Loki and prevent further chewing on his sore, and we were on our way. At this point we were way behind schedule, and still had to stop for gas. No problem, we'd still arrive in Columbia in time for dinner. Or so we thought. Apparently I had the wrong address for the campground and our GPS didn't recognize the name of the place, so we got off the highway way too soon, ended up driving through town during 5 o'clock traffic..groan..didn't check in until 6 pm. Adding insult to injury, our reserved site was much too narrow for our motorhome, so we drove around in the dusk trying to find a more suitable site. Finally, Chip located one and we started to unload. We decided not to do a complete hook-up, just plug in the electric & plumbing and call it a night. While Chip was taking care of that, I took Loki for a walk and discovered this...oops!

oops! photo 20131025_073226_zpsb9b0bc2c.jpg

The park ranger drove by and gave us the ok to stay here for the night, we'll move to another spot this morning. We heated up some leftover soup for dinner, and since we were all exhausted, hit the sack early.

Today's plan is to, first thing, move the RV and then explore Columbia. Loki's already been on his morning walk and is now enjoying watching the other dogs stroll by.

Site #1 photo 20131025_073204_zps4fb56a45.jpg

Doggy in the Window photo 20131025_073246_zps17c8aaa1.jpg

Oh, and you might have noticed this cute little item from our Target trip, makes a perfect front step mat!

front step photo 20131025_073131_zpsfbfe15dd-1.jpg

Well, I'd better make some breakfast and ready myself for our little move across the park.  Hoping today is better for us, it has to be, right? At least the weather is gorgeous!

Columbia Weather photo WeatherColumbiaSC_zpsc46ab5b6.jpg

Have a wonderful day,



  1. Loki does indeed look handsome. I hope the hot spot gets better.

    You sure didn't have a good day. I hope today improves. I agree, you needed some different footwear.

  2. Thank you, Karen. It does look better today, am hoping it continues to improve, don't want to ruin Loki's vacation. :)

  3. LOVE that doormat! Wish we did more for Halloween here,though it is slowly becoming more of an occasion down here.Loki is gorgeous! Enjoy your trip.I wanted to take the Scotsman camping for our anniversary in a few weeks but he's freaked out by 'all the things that can crawl in and kill you'.Haha.xox

    1. Thank you,Steph! Oh, I don't know if I'd go tent camping, either, lol, it's a whole different experience in the RV. At my age, I need a real bed. ;)