Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Tales from the Road: Savannah, Georgia ~ Day Two

Yesterday we decided to tackle the tire issue first thing, get that out of the way and off our minds.  After several phone calls, Chip was able to find a tire shop that carried the right size, about 25 minutes from our campsite.  Before heading out, I threw a quick dinner into the crockpot, Kale and Cannellini Bean Soup from Robin Robertson.

Kale and Cannellini Bean Soup photo 20131022_091448_zpsd153b847.jpg

Tire ordered, we continued on with our plans.  We stopped at the local Whole Foods store for bread & a few other essentials, swear I have never seen such a pretty market!

Entrance to Whole Foods photo 20131022_131305_zpsad27ce4e.jpg

Not only do they have a separate "parlor" (adults only as alcohol is served)..

The Parlor at Whole Foods photo 20131022_131733_zps0c4c2589.jpg

But they also provide several electric car chargers, how cool is that?

Electric Car Charger at Whole Foods photo 20131022_132417_zpsc22fd96b.jpg

It was a dreary, drizzly day, not optimal for outdoor dining but after seeing this beautiful outdoor patio at the Starland Cafe, I couldn't bear to sit indoors.

Cafe Seating photo 20131022_122736_zpsc890c13a.jpg

Cafe Walkway photo 20131022_121626_zpsae3d66db.jpg

Chip at Lunch photo IMG_20131022_122538_zps0172202d.jpg

Thai Tomato Soup & Tomato/Guac Panini photo IMG_20131022_124013_zps785fde27.jpg

My Thai Tomato Soup with Tomato & Guacamole Panini was as delicious as it looked! What a lovely lunch, and Mother Nature was kind enough to hold off on the rain so we could enjoy the view.

View from Cafe photo 20131022_121219_zps123b87dd.jpg

These houses are so pretty, but I wonder at the limited amount of parking! I guess if you live here you'd better only have one car!

After lunch we decided to visit one of Savannah's most famous historical sites, the Bonaventure Cemetery.  What a lovely, serene place, I wouldn't mind this being final resting place!

Bonaventure Cemetery Office photo 20131022_133826_zpsa36d563c.jpg

Chip at Veterans Area photo 20131022_135958_zpsaf98dbfc.jpg

Veterans MIA photo 20131022_140028_zps5d9df03a.jpg

Dieter plot photo 20131022_141725_zps49ce6d46.jpg

Pumpkin by the Grave photo 20131022_142809_zpsb618063c.jpg

Bonaventure Cemetery photo 20131022_135233_zpse69f6b07.jpg

We spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing at the campsite, enjoyed soup and yummy bread for dinner, then headed back into town for a show at the Savannah Theatre.

Savannah Theatre photo 20131022_194549_zpse2c1d4b9.jpg

Savannah Live billboard photo 20131022_194125_zpsccc744db.jpg

We thoroughly enjoyed the Savannah Live production, would definitely recommend it to anyone visiting the area.

Today will be relatively quiet, plan to putter around the camp site while Chip installs the new tow dolly tires. I think a long walk with Loki is definitely in order.

Have a wonderful day,


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