Thursday, October 24, 2013

Tales from the Road: Savannah, Georgia ~ Day Three

Yesterday was, as expected, a quiet day.  Chip ran a couple errands in the morning (Home Depot, etc) while Loki and I held down the fort at "home."  We had leftovers for lunch, then decided to hike one of the trails here in the state park.  We decided on the Big Ferry Loop, about 3 miles through the forest and marshland.

Trail Hike1 photo 20131023_141542_zps56f7cee7.jpg

Trail Hike2 photo 20131023_142442_zps9c7dc94d.jpg

Trail Hike3 photo 20131023_143827_zps69fcf02e.jpg

Trail Hike4 photo 20131023_143924_zpsf1445d45.jpg

Trail Hike6 photo 20131023_143940_zps9066ea60.jpg

Trail Hike8 photo 20131023_145052_zpse283bcde.jpg

Trail Hike9 photo 20131023_145114_zpsc4e1fb14.jpg

Trail Hike11 photo 20131023_145910_zps1507ea8b.jpg

Well, that worked up quite an appetite! We got cleaned up, put Loki in the motorhome for a well-deserved nap, and headed out to dinner. The Congress Street Social Club had the perfect menu for us - a black bean burger could be substituted for any of the meaty varieties. I chose the Santa Fe which included cabbage, guacamole and jalapeno. Soooo good!

Patio Dining photo 20131023_182226_zps57dece51.jpg

Santa Fe Black Bean Burger w/Cabbage, Gauc & Jalapenos photo 20131023_183243_zps9307d4a3.jpg

After dinner we hopped into a hearse..yep, you read that right! Savannah is considered one of the most haunted towns in the country, so one can choose from several ghost tours. We decided on the Hearse tour, such fun! It was too dark to take any good pictures, but you can learn more about it here. It was well worth the $15 per person charge, would highly recommend.

Today we'll be packing up the RV and headed toward Columbia, South Carolina.

Have a wonderful day,


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