Thursday, October 31, 2013

Tales from the Road: Somewhere on 1-95 Southbound

Before I get into the story behind that blog title, let me just say that the rest of our visit in Asheville was nice. We went shopping at Trader Joe's, a big deal for us since there TJ's has just begun breaking into the Florida market and there's not (yet) a store near either of our homes.  We bought a few groceries, then stopped at a local brewery for lunch, Wicked Weed. We loved the beer, the interesting decor, and the quote behind the name:

"Hops are a wicked and pernicious weed" ~  King Henry VIII, 1519

My spinach/cucumber/shallot sandwich was so good, and I appreciate the manager coming out to my table to inquire about my dietary preferences, and offer to substitute a vegan hamburger bun for the roll normally used. Excellent customer service!

Wicked Weed Sandwich & Fries photo 20131029_124801_zpsc87ccae4.jpg

Before we left, we asked the adorable waitress for a souvenir to take home, a big ol' "growler" filled with a local brew. A certain lucky friend of ours will enjoy that!

Wicked Weed Barmaid photo 20131029_132228_zpsa444ce12.jpg

We stayed in the motorhome for the remainder of the afternoon/evening, packing up and preparing for the next day's drive.  We took a cocktail over to the sitting area overlooking the city, said our goodbyes to the mountains and that gorgeous view.

Up bright and early yesterday morning, we were ready to roll by daybreak.  Now, I admit that after the experience of coming up those mountains, I was nervous as hell about the ride down! But I needn't have worried; Chip did an amazing job driving and by lunchtime we were out of NC and making our way through SC. The plan was to drive until Chip grew tired, then find an RV park nearby to spend the night. We had reservations already in Fernandina Beach, FL, but were prepared to stop earlier if needed. Well, the motorhome made that decision for us.

Somewhere in the middle of SC (mile marker 47, to be exact), Chip watched as the speedometer sped up to 100 mph (on its own!) and the then engine shut down completely.  He got out, checked the fluids, did whatever mechanical engineers do when something doesn't work properly, tried to start her up again and when that failed, called Good Sam's roadside assistance.

We decided to have it towed to Camping World in Savannah, where we bought it from.  The mechanics there had worked on it before and Chip felt comfortable with them, and we figured the closer we could get to home, the better, making the eventual pick-up easier.  At this point, I was so aggravated I didn't care where it went, and actually told Chip to just sell the thing.  Anyway, of course that was going to cost a lot considering the distance, to the tune of about $350.00.  Gulp.  What other choice did we have? Resigned to our fate, we packed up as much as we could into grocery and duffel bags, loaded all of the " valuables" into the car.

 photo IMG_20131030_150153_zps4265743f.jpg

Yes, as you can see, we still had our sense of humor! No wine was left behind, but I did have to leave some of our newly-puchased TJ's items in the kitchen cabinets. *pout*  Hopefully they'll be ok for a few days (weeks?) until we get back there. 

Chip unhooked the tow dolly from the RV, attached it to the car, and made our plans.  The GPS said it was going to take 4 hours and 15 minutes to get home, a do-able drive, thank goodness.  Had Loki not been with us, we might have stayed overnight in a hotel and waited to hear some news from the mechanics, but that wasn't an option so down the road we went. Since we were towing an empty dolly which tends to bounce all over the road when not weighted down, we had to drive slower than usual - 60mph, the whole way.

The trip took about 6 hours, and let me tell you, by the time we crossed the Florida/Georgia line I was almost shedding tears of joy! I was never so happy to see home in all my life! This was not a good vacation, to say the least, and though we made the best of it and enjoyed some happy moments, we both agreed that we will never do that again, at least not in our aging motorhome.  At this point, I'm ready to unpack my suitcase and keep my happy butt at home for a good long time. 

Alas, that is not to be as Chip is scheduled to work in south Florida on Monday.  We had planned on driving the RV down there since we'll be bringing the kitties this time, but that doesn't look possible now.  We're in a wait & see mode, but in the meantime I'm going to appreciate being home, for however brief a time, until we travel to the other home. Whew. 

I'm one tired gal this morning, but there's unpacking and, laundry to do and then trick-or-treaters to greet! There's a rumor that a certain daughter of mine may be driving over to visit on Saturday, keep your fingers crossed for me as that sure would lift my spirits!

Happy Halloween, Samhain blessings to my fellow Pagan friends.



  1. Whew! I'm exhausted just reading all of that! Glad you are home for the moment. I suggest putting your feet up and enjoying some of that wine you salvaged from the RV!

  2. Thank you, Aisling, that's exactly what I did! :)

  3. Somehow I missed this post and didn't realize you had such a big problem, Yikes! Is your motorhome a gas or diesel engine? I've heard that they will shut themselves down if there is a problem. That concerns me.

    We're sitting here in Blairsville, GA with a problem and afraid to leave. One thing about Florida is there are a lot more repair places.