Monday, November 18, 2013

Monday Menu Planning


 I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed here, trying to clean/organize/decorate/reclaim the South Florida house amidst the pre-holiday rush and life's usual "messes." I thought a bit of structure might be helpful, so I am controlling what I can: my menu.

This week I'll be serving these dishes:

Monday: Happy Herbivore's "Cheater" Pad Thai 
Tuesday: Taco Night with Instant Mexican Rice and Mashed Pinto Beans
Wednesday: Shepherds Vegetable Pie
Thursday: Out to Dinner (happy hour with friends)
Friday: Tunsian Sweet Potato Stew
Saturday:  Leftovers
Sunday:  Out to Dinner (Miami Book Fair)

 Please stop by again for recipes and reviews.

Back to the cleaning..have a wonderful day!



  1. It sounds like a fun week with great food. I made acorn squash soup today. :D

  2. Love vegetarian Shepherd's Pie. Have made it with lentils and loads of veggies in the past, but have not thought of it in quite some time. Thanks for the reminder. :)