Tuesday, November 5, 2013

On My Hearth: Quickie Curry

I've been so busy the past 24 hours, unpacking & cleaning, organizing and settling back into my home here. Whew! There is still so much to do but I got a lot accomplished yesterday, even managed a quick grocery store run just to buy the necessities - bread, veggies, and a few ingredients for  last night's dinner.

At my friend Susan's recommendation, I picked up a bottle of Red Curry sauce from Trader Joe's last week, decided to throw together a quick curry dinner last night.  Rice + veggies + curry sauce + fried tofu & and little coconut milk..

Red Curry Ingredients photo 20131104_163805_zps8d176f81.jpg

Stir-fried together..

Red Curry in Progress photo 20131104_163725_zpsaeb4ac90.jpg

Equals a very tasty dinner! I was quite pleased with the sauce but Chip said it had a "weird" flavor, I think it was a bit too heavy on the ginger for his taste. We both gobbled it up and have enough left over for my lunch today. Yum!

Red Curry photo 20131104_183037_zps6c00ec4b.jpg

More household projects on the horizon, better get moving. 

Have a wonderful day,



  1. Hope you are settled in and enjoying the comforts of home!

  2. That red curry sauce sounds interesting. I've only just discovered that I like curry. No Trader Joes near me, but maybe I can find it somewhere else.

    1. Karen, I'm sure you can find others, a quick google search just revealed several including one at World Market. Do you have that store?