Sunday, November 17, 2013

Tales from Home: Settling into South Florida

This weekend we did as much as we could to ease our way back into South Florida life, a mixture of work & play. We enjoyed a Friday night happy hour & dinner with Dad and Kathye..

 photo 20131115_200236_zps35adafd9.jpg

Then on Saturday Chip did some home repairs and yard work. We haven't been home long enough to stay on top of things, so the weeds were overgrown and the patio screens torn. There's still much to do but he made some definite progress!

 photo 20131117_113045_zps2fb74f6a.jpg

Poolside2 in Progress photo 20131117_113035_zps8a97b6a0.jpg

then we attended a very important animal rights event, March Against Cruelty to Animals...

Jackson Approves photo 20131115_130056_zps1f08c07a.jpg

 photo 20131116_122056_zpsdaeb419d.jpg

 photo 20131116_113005_zpsf7138123.jpg

 photo 20131116_125641_zpsd8690345.jpg

 photo 20131116_125618_zps0196bc38.jpg

 photo 20131116_122838_zps7e649057.jpg

 photo 20131116_124548_zps539a07cc.jpg

and then on Sunday we stopped by the Camelot Days Ren Fest, sorry no pics as we didn't stay long enough. It was hot and sticky in our pirate costumes, the food lines were so long and there were no vegan options, so we left and had a late lunch at our favorite Irish restaurant/pub, The Field. They have a yummy veggie burger as well as a nice beer selection.

Veggie Burger at The Field photo 20131117_155947_zps90f1d5e4.jpg

Chip at The Field photo 20131117_154858_zpsd4060919.jpg

Overall, a very nice weekend. How was yours?



  1. Good for you doing the March Against Cruelty.

    I don't know what was in that vegan wrap, but it looks delicious.

    1. Karen, it's called a Burrito Burger, sort've a Mexican veggie burger. sooo good!