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Wow, I've been "gone" a while, huh? Sorry about that, have just been consumed with packing/moving and all that it entails, then, of course, there was Thanksgiving.  Since all of my kids are in one place and had limited time off from work, it only made sense that Chip and I be the ones to travel. Kristyn was happy to host the dinner, and I was ready to pass the proverbial baton to her, so off we went.

Thanksgiving Table photo 20131128_114440_zps4c6294fd.jpg

Kristyn & Jesus did a beautiful job decorating, preparing, and cooking; I was so impressed and very proud of my daughter! The Thanksgiving meal is no easy feat, so many different dishes have to be ready at the same time, but she pulled it off without a hitch. Below is the menu she emailed to me..grin..pardon the saucy language. And, yeah, to appease the omnivores she did cook some turkey legs; they were appreciative since that would not have happened at my house!

Thanksgiving Family Dinner photo 8f7a0684-c842-4e9b-9905-06e2f758b02d_zpsbd049d55.jpg

Everything was absolutely delicious! Amidst the traditional dishes our family has always enjoyed, she added some new recipes which quickly become favorites. The photo below does not begin to do the meal justice, it was truly phenomenal! I've included links to the recipes below, please note that vegan substitutions were made anywhere necessary. 

>> MENU <<
Turkey legs (Serious Eats)
Stuffing (Thug Kitchen)
Mashed potatoes
Green bean casserole (Isa's)
Candied sweet potatoes (Emeril's)
Rolls (canned or pre-made)
Gravy (from turkey/tofurkey)
Ambrosia salad (Grandma's)
Pies (Lindsey)
Cranberry sauce (canned - fuck it)
Brussels sprouts (Food Network Magazine)

Thanksgiving Dinner photo 20131128_161044_zps4715a4ba.jpg

After dinner we relaxed and watched movies, got up the next morning and had breakfast at Lindsey's house before heading back south.  We picked up bagels and cashew cream cheese from a wonderful local market, and I just had to stop & take a pic of these greens. This giant bag of greens, 2 for $5.00! How awesome is that?! 

Ward's Greens photo 20131129_094928_zpse6fe37f6.jpg

Lindsey's Patio Herb Garden photo 20131129_102620_zps58345393.jpg
Lindsey's balcony herb garden

Bagels & Cashew Cream Cheese, locally made

We spent one night in Ormond then began the arduous process of packing up the house.  We filled the trailer full of the most important items, will have to make another trip for the rest.  Whew!

Moving from Ormond photo 20131130_105611_zps27494f93.jpg

So, here we are, settling back into South Florida for real. It's going to be a busy week of unpacking, arranging, organizing, etc so I'll be eating extra-well to keep up my energy. Tomorrow I'll be posting the week's menu, hope you'll stop by.

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