Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Good Morning, Happy Tuesday! Whew, what a busy weekend we had! We spent most of Friday and Saturday running around with realtors, saw at least a dozen houses.  We found one we really like, not going to get my hopes up until we figure out the financing but it's hard not to get excited!

Since the refrigerator and pantry are mostly bare up there, I didn't do a bit of cooking.  We ate out several times, tried to make the best choices I could but I did indulge in some french fries w/my veggie wrap on Saturday.

 photo 20140111_134459_zpsgany3n4h.jpg

We returned home on Sunday, ate a quickie veggie burger for dinner, and started planning the week's menus. I'll be continuing on with my "mystery ingredient" project, last night I focused on the bag of okra in my freezer. Do you like okra? I know some people consider it too slimy but if cooked properly it's really not. I have fond childhood memories of my dad cooking it and my mom shuddering and making fun of him, she called the sliced okra "daisies." Smile..

This is such a simple dish, hardly a recipe, just sautéed a chopped onion, a chopped bell pepper, a couple of minced cloves of garlic in a tiny bit of olive oil, added a bag of frozen sliced okra, a can of diced tomatoes and couple teaspoons of Cajun seasoning. I cooked til the veggies were tender, mixed it with cooked brown rice and voila! Easy, healthy dinner.

 photo 20140113_142003_zpsssa2egzr.jpg

I'm off to check the kitchen for more "mystery" ingredients, hope to "see" you later!


  1. I love okra and grew up eating it. Finally got hubby to like it too. That dish looks wonderful. I'll have to try it.

  2. I like okra quite a bit. I should buy some to amuse myself. :D

  3. Today I bought okra for the first time ever. It's not frozen or sliced. Do you have any advice on how to prepare it for someone who's never had it?

    1. Hmm..have never tried it other than sliced in something, or even just sliced and fried as my dad used to make it. Please let me know how it goes!

    2. I made them in a stir-fry with other vegetables. A bit of the slimy stuff came out which added an interesting texture to the dish, but not too much. It won't be the last time I cooked okra, that's for sure!

    3. Ines, I'm so glad they turned out well for you! :)