Saturday, February 22, 2014

On My Hearth: Birthday Cake!

I think I've mentioned before, I have not quite perfected the art of vegan baking, especially not cakes. Hard as I try, the end result isn't as light & fluffy as the traditional version. However, I think that I've done it, thanks to a little help from Chef Chloe! Using her recipe for Halloween Layer Cake, I created a version that was perfect for the birthday girl! I followed the recipe exactly, but didn't bother to color the frosting, and I did frost the whole cake, not just the sides. I left out the icing and just topped the ganache with rows of raspberries. The end result was a huge hit! Not quite as perfect & fancy as Chloe's, but I did my best.

 photo 20140221_120911_zpsmpp0coqj.jpg

 photo IMG_20140222_001727_zpskounrj62.jpg

Of course, the day wasn't all about cake! We also had cocktails at Lulu's..

 photo 20140221_154907_zpspvblumuc.jpg

and then a delicious dinner at Thai Erawan. Lindsey loved the "Amazing Tofu."

Amazing Tofu photo 20140221_174845_zpsdz8zlvpb.jpg

Alas, all good things must come to an end, and early this morning she and Taylor packed up and headed to Disney World for the rest of her birthday celebration.

As for me, I'll be finding some fun things to do in Ormond Beach today.

Have a good one,

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