Sunday, May 18, 2014

Tales from the Road: Mother's Day in Gainesville

What a crazy week it has been! A mix of (mostly) good and just a little bit bad, I'll try to catch up in photos. We decided to take the RV over to Gainesville for Mother's Day, sparing the kids the drive and the inconvenience. They all have such different schedules, it's really hard for all three to have a couple days off together. So, Sunday morning we loaded up the motorhome and made a leisurely drive across the state. Once again we stayed at Paynes Prairie.

Headed to Gainesville photo 20140511_062457_zpsxptuma0g.jpg

 photo 20140512_070126_zpsdz770lb0.jpg

 photo 20140512_070259_zpszq2joqdm.jpg

We met Lindsey & Taylor for lunch at a wonderful local restaurant called Reggae Shack Cafe. There are so many vegan options here, it's hard to choose! I discovered on the last visit that they aren't messing around with their spice level, one of the dishes was too hot even for me heat-loving me! This time I choose the Tempeh Curry, which despite it's "brown-ness" was absolutely delicious. I ate way too much but I just couldn't help myself.

 photo aviary_1399828456479_zpsrqbqmc05.jpg

Tempeh Curry photo 20140511_133114_zpsvfed4mfr.jpg

After lunch we hung out at the park for a little while and then met up with all of the kids at Kristyn's house. We were celebrating not only Mother's Day, but Jesus and Taylor's May birthdays as well. As always, Kristyn was the ultimate hostess! She cooked up an amazing vegan Manicotti, wish I'd taken a picture before gobbling it up! I did snap a quick shot of the cake, a (vegan, of course) marble cake w/salted caramel frosting. Oh, my goodness, so delicious! Provided by a local bakery, Sarkara Sweets, I'll definitely be ordering from them again!

Mothers Day Birthday Combo Cake photo IMG_20140512_114918_zps0ftfssc8.jpg

 photo IMG_20140511_205042_zpstk1errl0.jpg
Puppy Love - Jack & Brynna

 photo 20140511_191223_zpsvksfkzuy.jpg
So many presents!

 photo 20140511_192917_zpsq9byvitt.jpg
Lovebirds - Lindsey & Taylor
 photo 20140512_091042_zpsktxuypor.jpg

Monday morning the girls met us for a little breakfast in our RV, then we headed back home. But not for long! Tuesday morning we were driving back across the Disney World! Well, Epcot, to be exact. Stay tuned for more of the story. *wink*

Have a great day,

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