Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Tales from the Road: A Quickie in Gainesville

After months of transition, we are finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel in this whole moving business. The South FL house is almost cleared out and ready to list, and the "old" Ormond place is the same. There are several pieces of furniture that are being donated to the kids, so we decided to hook up the trailer and take a Sunday drive to Gainesville. It truly was a whirlwind trip - 2 hours over, a few minutes unloading into a storage facility, quickie lunch and visit, then 2 hours back home. Well worth it, though, especially since my dad was able to meet us as well.

Knowing how much Dad loves his Southern food, we took him to one of the best local spots, Southern Charm Kitchen. I don't know what everyone else ate, was too busy chowing down on my BBQ tempeh, mac & "cheez," and okra. Soooo good but definitely not something I could eat on a regular basis. Very rich and filling, I was looking for a place to nap afterward!

BBQ Black-Eyed Tempeh, Mac & Cheese, Okra photo 20140518_124954_zps6q7gmhtw.jpg

 photo 20140518_132626_zpsvslkvjmj.jpg
Taylor, Lindsey & Dad

So, I have an update on my Lyme Disease scare; I called the doc yesterday and got good news: blood test negative. It appears that I just had a severe reaction to whatever bit me, but nothing more serious. Big sigh of relief! I decided to celebrate with a new-to-me bottle of wine, appropriately named I thought! Organic, Fair Trade, and Vegan-friendly, this looked like a winner.

 photo 20140519_181306_zpsaw7uslzc.jpg

I wish I could say I enjoyed the taste as much as the label but, alas, this vino just isn't for me. A simple white wine, it just didn't have the deep dry oak-ey flavor of my favorite Chardonnay. Oh, well, it was worth a try!

Of course, woman can't live by wine alone (darn it!) so I also made dinner: Quick Lasagna Rolls, recipe by Jazzy Vegetarian but now a family favorite.

Quick Lasagna Roll-Ups photo 20140519_184936_zpsy5kenb2o.jpg

Chip and I are going out tonight so I will likely make dinner in advance and keep it warming in the Crock-Pot.

Have a great day,


  1. I've got a big, fat crush on your blog :) and I'm glad you're okay. Those lasagna rolls look delishh