Sunday, May 25, 2014

Tales from the Road: South Florida and Gainesville

Another crazy week of traveling across the state. From Wednesday - Friday we were in South Florida, doing yet more packing, cleaning and preparing the house for sale.

 photo IMG_20140522_171513_zpsii6i1nzg.jpg

We signed the contract with the realtor, then went out to celebrate. Unfortunately, the restaurant/bar we chose wasn't very veg-friendly, but I made do with a baked potato and some steamed veggies.

Half Baked Potato, Steamed Veggies photo 20140521_184757_zpsvo7kdjvg.jpg

Since the house is cleared out of most furniture, we were really "ruffin' it" for a couple of days!

 photo 20140521_220738_zpsfjhwtjkb.jpg

On Saturday morning we loaded up the trailer and made another trip to Gainesville to donate some furniture and appliances to the kids.

 photo 20140524_083625_zpslvhc3uev.jpg

It was another quickie trip, but we did squeeze in lunch at El Indio Real Mexican Restaurant. Our first time here, so I let Kristyn order for me. The Bean Taco was good but the Tempeh Burrito stole the show! Beans & Rice on the side was a nice addition. A very filling lunch, some of it was packed up for later enjoyment.

 photo 20140524_123624_zpsilzxumbb.jpg

After all of the labor & driving, I thought Chip deserved a nice dinner but I didn't have the energy to make it. His parents sent him a gift card for his Outback Steakhouse. *groan* Prior experience has proven that this is one of the least vegan-friendly restaurants ever, but I was sure I could find something to eat. I ended up with a plain baked potato and some steamed broccoli. The tater was the saddest looking thing, tiny & overcooked, but, once again, I made do.

 photo 20140524_193505_zps89leka6y.jpg

We managed to squeeze a couple of other fun moments into the past week, best was the mid-week happy hour at one of my favorite local spots, Grind Gastro Pub & Tiki Bar. There we were treated to the wonderful music by Ms. Ariel Hill, while sipping cocktails and dining on a delicious cheese-free veggie pizza. Yum!

 photo 20140520_182635_zpsmcs55fmr.jpg

 photo 20140520_184328_zpsuxsgl6rj.jpg

Today we'll clear out the "old" Ormond house (are you confused yet?) to prepare it for rental, then hopefully will have tonight & tomorrow off to rest & recuperate!

Have a wonderful Sunday,

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