Monday, June 16, 2014

Happy Birthday, Dad!

In spite of Dad's crazy work schedule and travel, he was able to drive over to celebrate Father's Day as well as his birthday with us.  I was so excited to cook for he and his lovely lady, especially since this was the first official "dinner party" in our new home!

When planning the menu, I kept in mind that neither Dad nor Kathye are vegans, but they're certainly not opposed to it either. I decided to stick with an Italian menu because everybody likes that, right?


Tossed Salad

I'm sorry that I neglected to take photos of anything, was so busy prepping and cooking and then once it was on the table it got devoured pretty quickly! I'd say that's a testament to how good it was. 

I did, however, take pics of the most important element: the birthday cake!

Dad loves German Chocolate but I've never tried a vegan version so I was a bit nervous. I had nothing to worry about, though, as it turned out perfect! The cake itself was moist and yet fluffy, frosting was rich and just sweet enough. Dad thoroughly enjoyed it, and at my request took the leftovers home with him. I don't need that sort've temptation around the house! 

German Chocolate Cake in Progress photo 20140614_163512_zps42qdzwqg.jpg

Dad's Birthday Cake photo 20140615_193610_zpstqmbjswo.jpg

After that indulgent dinner, I'm back to my normal eating/exercising today. Lots of veggies & grains, and a long beach walk is in my afternoon plan.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend,

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