Saturday, June 7, 2014

On My Hearth: Irish White Bean and Cabbage Stew

I know I promised you guys a veganized "Hamburger" Cabbage Casserole dish but after reading a zillion different recipes, I decided that I probably wouldn't like it. Sorry! I still had half a head of cabbage to use up, though, and wanted to take advantage of my Crock-Pot, so back to the proverbial drawing board. Fat Free Vegan Kitchen to the rescue! I know, it's June and not soup season in this hemisphere, but this is the best way to get my veggie-averse hunny to eat and enjoy his vegetables, so..I cranked up the a/c and ladled it up!

Please go to Susan's site for the recipe, I followed her instructions exactly. Note: this makes a TON of soup so if you don't have a large Crock-pot, you'll want to halve the ingredients.

Irish White Bean and Cabbage Stew photo 20140607_112533_zpscfp2n4gp.jpg

In other news, we finally got a washer & dryer for the new house! Woo-hoo! After 2 months of schlepping laundry around, I'm insanely excited about this. I spent two days washing/drying/folding, didn't mind one bit.

 photo collage_20140605115536877_zpselhqvztq.jpg

This morning I got up early and hit the beach...

 photo 20140607_062141_zpsgtl7dx97.jpg
Ormond Beach sans morning surfers, a rarity

I didn't want to mess up my fresh pedicure w/sneakers so I took a chance and went barefoot. So glad I saw this guy before he had the chance to ruin my day!That would've been a huge ouch!

 photo 20140607_062942_zpss63h9u2k.jpg
Stomolophus meleagris (Cannonball Jellyfish).

This afternoon we're headed out to see our favorite local band at a biker event. I don't want to be tempted by the inevitable junk food there so I'm putting the soup back in the Crock-pot on warm, will be a nice welcome home this evening.

Have a great day!

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