Wednesday, July 30, 2014

On My Hearth: Three-Layer Tortilla Casserole

Last night I made the Three-Layer Tortilla Casserole from Get Healthy, Go Vegan cookbook by Neal Barnard, MD.

Three-Layer Tortilla Casserole Ingredients photo 20140729_173919_zpsxbrgu9pj.jpg

Three-Layer Tortilla Casserole in Progress photo 20140729_174844_zpsaulagd2v-1.jpg

Three-Layer Tortilla Casserole photo 20140729_175930_zpscdfzywmi.jpg

Three-Layer Tortilla Casserole Plated photo 20140729_183721_zpsx5he9e5c.jpg

As usual, the only change I made was to use my own cooked beans instead of canned, and added a spoonful of salsa when serving.

The Verdict: Absolutely delicious! This recipe makes 4 very generous servings, chock-full of vegetables and flavor, hard to believe it's so incredibly healthy! Chip was out of town so didn't get to taste yet, will probably have it for lunch tomorrow. I'll add a sprinkle of vegan cheddar and maybe a dollop of non-dairy sour cream to his portion since he's not concerned about the fat/calorie content.

I did another early-morning beach walk, but was running late for a meeting so couldn't take Loki on his neighborhood stroll. Perhaps tonight we'll catch up.

07.30.14 Walk photo 20140730_072330_zps12kyzp7p.jpg

Hope you're having a great day so far!


  1. You know this one is right up my alley!! I have everything but the zucchini, which I had on my shopping list but they were so tiny that I passed on them. I'll have to check the little grocery store by work tomorrow!