Tuesday, August 26, 2014

On My Hearth: Two Bettys!

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Yesterday I made not just one but two recipes from Betty Goes Vegan. First, the Tofurky Reuben (page 81). Before I go any further, let me just state for the record: I have never eaten a traditional Reuben. I don't like Thousand Island dressing nor even mayonnaise unless it's mixed in a salad or something where I can't taste it. So, I was going into this completely blind, not knowing what to expect from this sandwich.  I have seen Chip eat them and thought I'd experiment with the recipe first, see if it was worthy of making for him one day.

Tofurky Reuben photo 20140825_122841_zpsfdijsafd-1.jpg

All I can say is: Oh.my.goodness. This was a freakin' awesome sandwich! The textures and flavors were amazing, love the sauerkraut/"meat" combination and since I was able to control just how much dressing went onto the bread, I loved it! This was a huge portion, though, and I could definitely have shared it. I was stuffed and didn't need another morsel of food 'til dinnertime.

As planned, I made the Beefless Stew for dinner. The last time I prepared this dish, I cooked it on the stovetop as I didn't have a Dutch Oven. Well, since I had a little bit of birthday money left (thanks, Dad!), I decided to take myself shopping and buy one. Tuesday Morning had a nice Paula Deen version on clearance, less than half of the price on Amazon - sold! I got a workout lifting this thing, wowie! Finally got it home and started cooking.

Beefless Stew, in Progress photo 20140825_161748_zpsz5cpf8ij.jpg

Beefless Stew photo 20140826_140116_zpsrtdgfha2.jpg

The Verdict:
  • VeganGypsy says: Just as delicious as the first time around! However, the potatoes and carrots took a lot longer than 30 minutes to become tender! I'd say more like 60 - 90 minutes. Maybe it's my oven, or my chunks of veggies were too large, I don't know. Either way, allow extra time! 
  • OmniHunny says: This is very flavorful, babe! Very good! I'm avoiding the carrots, though, as I don't really like cooked carrots. 

So perhaps next time I'll cut the carrots smaller so they cook faster and are better disguised. *wink*

Tonight in addition to the Mexican Corn, Tomatillo, and Red Bean Stew, I'll also be cooking Cheezy Jalapeno Corn Bread from Betty Goes Vegan. I hope you'll pop back tomorrow for the results!

Have a nice evening,

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