Monday, August 25, 2014

Weekly Menu Planning

Good morning! It's a new week and a new year for me! I get a bit contemplative around my birthday, thinking about how I'm going to spend the next year of life on this planet. What changes will occur? What improvements will I make to myself and (hopefully) to the world around me?

I will continue my quest for better health/fitness and this includes weight loss. I still have about 30-ish pounds to go, which means if I lose 1/2 a pound a week I'll meet my goal by my next birthday. That sounds do-able, right? So, how am I going to accomplish that?

I still plan to follow Weight Watchers Simply Filling because I believe it's the healthiest "diet" out there and I need the accountability it provides. I prefer online to the meetings simply because, being a vegan, I don't have anything in common with the members and leaders I've met and I don't want or need to sit there and listen to lectures about meat, dairy and processed snack foods. No offense to those who gain (no pun intended) from the meetings, they just aren't my cup of tea.

Of course, I'm still vegan, focusing on low-fat, whole foods, minimally processed. However, you'll likely see a few more "faux" meats and a tiny bit of fat thrown in now & then. Honestly, as much as I believe in and trust Dr. McDougall, Barnard, etc., I was getting really bored eating only that way. I found myself "cheating" with veggie burgers, dogs, etc. and feeling badly about it. I missed the occasional almond milk ice "cream" treat or home made vegan dessert. Frankly, I (gladly) eschew so many unhealthy foods & habits, I think I can allow myself a bit of latitude here.

I plan to cook more and eat out less, easier to do now that we are living out of one house and not traveling as often. I think this should make a huge difference in my weight loss, we'll see. More exercise in the form of daily walks and maybe a bit of yoga thrown in. That's about it, for now at least.

Ok, so let's move on to the menu planning, shall we? This week I'll be focusing on two cookbooks I borrowed from the library:  Betty Goes Vegan and The Vegetarian Meat & Potatoes Cookbook. Both are filled with down-home comfort food, something Chip especially appreciates. Just for fun, I'm going to add some cute little "themes." I'm 50 years old, dammit, I can be as silly as I want to!

Man Crush Monday ("meaty" meals a man will love):  Beef-less Stew
Taco Tuesday (Mexican-inspired):  Mexican Corn, Tomatillo, and Red Bean Stew
Worldly Wednesday (dishes from far away lands): Vegan Frankfurters with German Hot Potato Salad
Throwback Thursday (retro recipe redux):  Chicken-Free Potpie
Fun Friday: Leftovers, dining out, whatever!
Soupy Saturday (no explanation needed):  Louisiana Vegetable Gumbo
Slow Cookin' Sunday (Crock-pot cookin'):  16 Bean, Leek & Kielbasa Soup 

So, there you go, my menu plan for the week. How about you? What's cookin' on our hearth this week? 

Have a great day,


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