Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Wacky Week

Well, last week's eating plan got all out of whack and I only ended up cooking two of the planned meals, the Sloppy Joes and the Chipotle Black Bean Chili (below.)

Chipotle Black Bean Chili with Winter Squash photo 20150119_165143_zpsbld6yxrn.jpg

We had an out-of-town guest for a couple of days which resulted in some dining out. I couldn't capture a good pic of this dish from the Thai restaurant, but the leftovers the next day were so pretty!

Siam Tofu with Thai Chili Sauce leftovers photo 20150123_120411_zpsrniopp4k_1.jpg
Siam Chile Tofu

We also took advantage of some lovely live Sitar music one night at the Kale Cafe.

Live music at Kale Cafe photo 20150124_185231_zpszgxnhgma_1.jpg

The food was fantastic, as always. I can't tell you exactly what everything is because I just tell them to pick whatever they have and pile it on my plate. *grin* I know there are Jerk 'Shrooms and BBQ Seitan, and of course, Kale Salad.

Kale Cafe Dinner photo 20150124_185739_zpsfqjvsr0q_1.jpg

Chip at Kale Cafe photo 20150124_185747_zpsin9vqo4k_1.jpg

I also steamed a bunch of kale..

Steaming Kale photo IMG_20150122_112055_zpsqborqads_1.jpg

Including this gorgeous bag I found at my local Walmart for only $3.98! Say what you want about Walmart, I have to give them kudos for offering more healthy, organic options at very reasonable prices. For those of us on a budget and/or don't have a Whole Foods nearby, they are an invaluable resource. My favorite coffee creamer was only $1.98, a couple dollars cheaper than I've paid elsewhere.

Walmart finds photo 20150127_133927_zpsisvzxczw_1.jpg

(Oh, and Loki appreciates that they sell dog toys as well)

Loki's new toy photo IMG_20150127_135919_zpsukr712hu_1.jpg

I've been hearing a lot about cauliflower being the "new kale," and seeing lots of recipes popping up on Pinterest, etc. I've especially liked the ones involving roasting a whole cauliflower, so I decided to give it a shot. I found this recipe on a Paleo blog, and though I wouldn't normally cook with so much fat/oil, I wanted to try the recipe exactly as stated (well, minus the bacon grease, of course!) and I do believe that veggies do require a little bit of oil to prevent burning while roasting.

So I took this gorgeous head of broccoli, delivered to my door from Front Porch Pickings..

 Cauliflower, Raw photo 20150125_160734_zpsmhtpslwu_1.jpg

Marinated it..

Cauliflower, in Progress photo 20150125_161215_zpshqoopnuh_1.jpg

And popped it in the oven looking like this..

Cauliflower, in Progress2 photo 20150125_161626_zpsbcaat8mm_1.jpg

And about 40 minutes later I had this..

Cauliflower, Roasted photo IMG_20150125_171037_zpsp2uxq22n_1.jpg

Oh.My.Goodness. Not only did my house smell heavenly with all of those lovely spices wafting through, the cauliflower tasted so freaking fantastic, I could barely stop myself from devouring the whole thing! Again, not something I'd make very often given the fat content, but a definite once-in-a-while treat.

So far this week I've made chili for dinner one night, tacos for another, have been feeling a bit lazy and uninspired. Today I'll figure out the rest of the week and post once I have a plan.

Hope you're all having a great week so far, Happy Hump Day!

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  1. Your posts are always so mouth watering. I'd love to try everything here (Thai food is so delicious)! :9
    Cute fur baby!<33